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Meet David Breckheimer

David lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with his high school sweetheart, Dina. 

David has worked in the Real Estate Industry as both a Real Estate Broker, Agent and Admin. His practical and straightforward approach, coupled with compassion and heart make him an industry favorite.

This "About David" section is written by his friend and colleague, Margaret (Mo) Smith. She believes in what he offers 100% and is helping to promote what we believe will change the lives of many in this industry.

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Monica Kelts

"Our team started a group coaching journey with David for our Transaction Coordinators. Between the mindset portion, virtual whiteboards, and time blocking he has provided a lot of value for us. David’s love for life and business is so inspiring and he does an amazing job of outing that into anyone he is coaching."

Kayla Slice

"David has such a passion for instructing people on simple things to make big changes. He is always looking to add way more value than he takes. Anyone would be blessed to be in relationship with him. He will definitely spend the time exploring your personal business and figuring out the purposeful solutions for your business. He cares deeply and is committed to excellence."

Stephanie Yargeau

"This guy will make you rethink EVERYTHING! In a totally good way! I don't think that I have ever met someone who comes from such an honest place of contribution! Thank you for all you've done and will continue doing for my business!"