Cultivate Wins, is committed to helping real estate professionals grow personally and professionally.

By means of various multimedia innovations and valuable coaching. Helping people see that true
"work-life-balance" is not a pipe dream‼️

Our goal is to bring as much REAL VALUE as possible
for as little money as possible.

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Cultivate Wins, LLC
Golden Circle

(Based on Simon Sinek’s Start With Why book)
✅  Our Why: We believe that a life and business can be built and lived fully informed by peace, contentment, joy, gratitude and compassion.
We help people and businesses LIVE, EXPERIENCE and MAKE DECISIONS
fully informed by these five. 

✅  How we help people and businesses do that: Creating content,
products and coaching that helps people learn how to make this
a reality in their personal and professional lives.

✅ What will I get and what will it cost: Our membership is committed to bringing freakish levels of value for only $12 per month.
The Practical Side of Real Estate membership will provide monthly content
in four areas for those that work within the real estate industry...

Agents (Realtors), Admin (Ops, listings, TCs, assistants, etc.), Leadership
(Team owners, TLs, managers, independent TCs, etc.) and Mindset.
*The membership will include content in the above areas, access to many free courses in these areas and additional discounts on other Cultivate Wins services.

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The 5x5 Foundational Questions

Everything we do is informed by peace, contentment, joy, gratitude and compassion. Everything we do needs to be scalable, duplicatable, freakishly predictable, efficient and effective.

Mini wins are HUGE!

Mini wins are HUGE and should be celebrated! We really need to acknowledge and celebrate our accomplishments, no matter how big it is, it's YOUR personal win and deserve to be celebrated!

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

These four agreements seem fairly basic and obvious but Don Miguel Ruiz does a great job in digging deeper in to each. It is a book that I recommend reading, re-reading, and taking extensive notes on. Those middle chapters have the power to create real change someone’s life, in someone’s soul.

The Ten Scrolls by Og Mandino

Ten Scrolls from Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman In The World have been my rock since I was around 20 years old. All ten are incredible life long principles whether applied to sales, admin or just trying to grow and improve as a person, husband, wife, parent or friend. 

Meet David & Squirrel

David lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with his high school sweetheart, Dina. They have 3 amazing grown children, and being a grandfather is one of David's favorite things in the world. And let's not forget to mention David's Boss and favorite fur ball, Squirrel. She's such a good girl, and she works hard every day in her Cultivate Wins mascot roll.

David has worked in the Real Estate Industry as an agent, broker, admin, systems builder and developer, coach, trainer and consultant. His practical and straight-forward approach, coupled with compassion and heart make him an industry favorite (written by Margaret Smith).

NEW Cultivate Wins Coaches

will be introduced to you soon! You have no idea how excited we are to share the names and background of our new coaches.. each of them will have a field of expertise they will be focusing on. Coaching availability will be announced soon, stay tune till the identity of these awesome and brilliant people are revealed! 

Sarah Brisbin

If you are considering getting into the real estate business or if you're a new TC, I highly recommend David Breckheimer! He inspired me! He reminds me to be content whatever the circumstances. To lead each transaction with peace, contentment, joy, gratitude and compassion. He made me realize the real reason why I was getting into this business, how I'll make an impact, and to bring my best self to EVERY transaction! You can't put a price on that. David is such a treasure to the TC community! His love for people shows in the work he does! You'll walk away after his teaching as a better person. 

Dee Rodriguez

David's thoughtfulness and caring comes through in all his courses, videos and interactions. He practices what he teaches and spreads Joy all he does. I highly recommend his email course to get started and then move on to the TC courses. You will learn so much and his positivity is contagious! Watch and learn, then go pay it forward!

Kayla Mejia

I am so very impressed and thankful for the wealth of knowledge David provides. I am loving The Practical Side of Real Estate and the courses he has put together. You can hear his passion in every video but even more importantly in every interaction he has with others. I've seen so many thoughtful and helpful responses of his on Facebook. He really loves to help people and set them up for success. I HIGHLY recommend!!

Sara Love

I'm in the process of hiring my first full time Virtual Assistant and have been stressing on coming up with a training plan and figuring out how to train in the best way. I want to be ready for when they start in a few weeks. Then I decided to take David Breckheimer's free course on Email Management. This was life changing. No kidding! Now my email is completely organized AND as a bonus I learned how to train a new assistant by starting with having them read all of my emails and move them to the appropriate folder. That in itself is a fantastic way of training them in the transaction process. Brilliant!