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Being truly present is not simply a decision

Uncategorized Mar 03, 2022
Thought of the day… Being truly present is not simply a decision 😎

In coaching it’s pretty common every year to hear a few people say that "becoming more present" is one of their News Years resolution.

The good news is that this is an absolutely attainable goal AND that it’s a LEARNABLE SKILL.

The other part of that though is that just like any other learnable skill it will take real study and work to attain. Becoming more present is not as simple as “deciding” that we will become more present, it’s committing to the full study, understanding and repeated application of the knowledge gained that will help us to develop, grow and master this new skill.

The simple acceptance and understanding that we are talking about a LEARNABLE SKILL rather than a simple “decision” or desire is a very big step in the right direction.
If what you have read here excites you then I say CONGRATULATIONS‼️ Just seeing something as a learnable skill...
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What I'm Reading, Re-Reading & My Mindset & Habits Behind The Practice

Uncategorized Feb 23, 2022
What I'm Reading, Re-Reading & My Mindset & Habits Behind The Practice
*I also have attached a screenshot of my reading list & progress for the first quarter of 2022

Here are a few notes on my reading practice that might be of value to some while looking through this update/spreadsheet (see attached graphic/screenshot below):
  1. I am always much more focused on and excited about the re-reads than I am about diving into anything new... My goal is always to find the books that truly IMPACT me, and then the goal is to go back to it over and over again to see what else I can get out of it and what else I can APPLY both personally and professionally (I'm ALL about the understanding and application - That is WHY I read).
  2. I am aware that I will need to read certain books that might be considered industry standards, but my real focus for reading is pretty consistently going to revolve around peace, contentment, joy, gratitude and compassion... Those are the areas that I get the...
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I SEE THE CLOUD IN EVERYTHING - Living life in complete wonder

Uncategorized Feb 12, 2022
Warning: This is a long one
I am asked about my mindset and outlook on things on a fairly regular basis. And if truth be told I LOVE those types of conversations and topics.

As some are aware I have five general areas that consume much of my thought and study, and those would include peace, contentment, joy, gratitude and compassion.
I tend to see all five of these as just parts of one whole, and I'm completely committed to meditating on, discussing and studying how they can be APPLIED and UNDERSTOOD in both my personal and professional life.

So the following share may provide a little insight into two areas of how I walk through this world day in and day out.

The first involving mindfulness and the other is the blessing of living a life of seeing everything as a complete wonder. In other words, walking through this world in complete awe of even the most "mundane" things and activities (just try talking to me about "washing the...
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Og Mandino's 10 Scrolls

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2022
Today's Random Facts About Reading The 10 Scrolls from Og Mandino's "The Greatest Salesman In The World" ðŸ“–
*See and save the 10 Scrolls graphic from this post, and keep a copy of it on your phone & computer for daily reference (the full graphic is attached below) - These 10 principles are pure magic when applied to both our personal & professional life

✅ I have never seen this book as a "sales" book - I see it as one of the greatest "love stories" ever written - It is about a "boy" who LOVES a "girl", and to ask her fathers permission to marry he must show that he can truly provide for her and their future family - And this is at the root of is WHY.

✅ The application of the 10 principles shared within these 10 scrolls are just as likely to help him become a better man, human and husband as they are to help him to become a truly great salesman.

✅ The first scroll shares a formula of how to read...
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Uncategorized Nov 14, 2021
Just in case you are not CRAZY impressed with how amazing you are, and grateful for ALL that you have, I’m going to suggest that read the 9th chapter of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Miracle In The World.

Chapter 9, otherwise known as The God Memorandum, is a very blunt message all about just how INCREDIBLY AMAZING YOU ARE‼️ And if you have not read it, and do not have this perspective about yourself, then something needs to change, and your perspective is WRONG‼️ You are a FREAK OF NATURE AND CRAZY AMAZING… And I KNOW that I’m hard core right on this one… You ARE The Greatest Miracle In The World â¤ï¸â€¼ï¸ 

So if you don’t already have this book, BUY IT and read chapter 9, The God Memorandum every quarter until it is so engrained in your spirit that KNOW just how true it is. And if you have not bought, and will not read it to yourself, I’m happy to read...
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The Art of Getting More Reviews

Uncategorized Nov 08, 2021
The "secret" is to create a CULTURE around GIVING reviews‼

*Note to members of The Practical Side of Real Estate:
A video lesson around this topic of reviews can be found in your membership library
HOW - How will we create this new culture:

1) Create a practice of leaving at least 2 reviews per week for those within your industry. We will provide a script for this below, but it's not about leaving them a review IF they leave you one... That "bartering", not giving.
2) Commit to leaving a minimum of 2 professional reviews after EVERY transaction‼
FOR WHO - Who will we leave reviews for:
Every transaction will provide you with MULTIPLE options... 
For example, we have lenders, the agent on the other side of the transaction, the TC on the other side of the transaction, closers on both sides of the transaction, title and/or...
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How do you define success?

mindset success May 24, 2020

Today's journaling topic...

How do you define success?

And how do you define failure?

Now grab your journal and try to work through a little self discovery on how you may answer those questions.

I'll provide some context below from the words of one of my hero's, Og Mandino. And I hope his perspective helps to stir something in you for today's journal entry.

Additional thoughts on what you are about to read from Og Mandino:

At this point in my life my "BIG WHY" very much revolves around things such as peace, contentment, joy and gratitude. And so with those in mind the following words from Og Mandino resonate LOUD in my soul.

From Og Mandino's point of view we all define success differently, but for the most part we all agree how failure is defined.

The following is copy of the quote from Og Mandino dealing with this topic, and I'll follow that with a copy of Mandino's complete list of 10 Scrolls or principles that he mentions within these words.

The following is quoted from The...
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Underlining & “HEARTING” While Reading

mindset May 24, 2020

Underlining and “HEARTING” While Reading

Q: So what the heck is “HEARTING”?

A: Many of us are used to underlining and “staring,” or using asterisks, to mark up our books. I do this ALL the time (along with writing in the margins). I’m just suggesting that we get a bit more intentional, purposeful and passionate when we put ink to paper. I’m suggesting that if you read something that truly moves you or stirs some kind of genuine PASSION in you that you replace your typical “star” with a HEART. Yup, HEART that baby!!!

I have two very basic reasons that I have gone to using a HEART rather than a simple star or asterisk:

1) I have decided that I want what I write to more closely reflect how I’m feeling at that moment. And if I’m loving something that I just read it makes no sense to me to put a star next to it. A HEART is simply more accurate to how I’m feeling at that moment.
2) It creates a completely ...
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An Active vs. Passive Reading Practice

mindset May 24, 2020

First Question: How much does your mind wander when you read?

...and please note that you are superhuman, and I am jealous if this in not a problem for you.

Here are some fairly typical results that many of us experience based on a wandering mind:
  • We get less out of our reading… Sometimes it seems like we get nothing at all out of our reading sessions.

  • We start to feel that we are wasting our time and then reduce the amount and frequency that we are reading… Assuming that we don’t just give up on the practice all together.

  • We decide to give audio books a shot just to find out that our minds are no more focused while listening then when reading… Man we’re messed up…

  • Then based on the above points we begin to unjustly judge ourselves, and assume that we’re just not cut out or all that interested in this “reading-thing”.

Second Question: Is there hope for us?

Answer: Heck yeah there is! I have found that the key, ok MY...
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Gratitude Journaling - All the cool kids are doing it!

gratitude journal mindset May 23, 2020

Let’s dig right in and define the practice of journaling. More specifically Gratitude Journaling.

It’s simple:

  • Get out there and buy a basic notebook or journal. Don’t get too caught up on what kind of journal this time around. You’re going to fill this baby up anyways, and each time you do you’ll have a better idea of what you’d prefer the next time around… and yes, this will change over time… We can talk more about that another time.

  • Actively and intentionally LOOK FOR at least three things that you are grateful for each and every day.

  • Then simply document those in your journal. This can be done with a single word, sentence or full blown short essay. Regardless of how you do it, just be sure to do it.

  • Extra Credit: Read what you’ve written out loud at least once before you go to bed. There is something truly magical about hearing yourself speak words of gratitude.

A journal can be anything you want it to be. Here...
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