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Remote & Virtual Partners (VA) Content, Tools and Resources

Here's a go-to page for any and all Remote & Virtual Partners (VA) Content, Tools and Resources Cultivate Wins has to offer.

F.A.Q.’s around Remote Partners, VAs or Virtual Assistants

This blog will answer a number of very common questions around hiring, training, onboarding and working with Remote Partners (VA's), and it also will provide a list of around a dozen organizations that can assist you in making your first remote partner hire. Each of these organizations can help you to find qualified candidates, facilitate an interview process, and provide full support and health benefits for your new team members. 

This FAQ document also serves as a recommendation on how you can be at your highest and best for your remote partners. This shows various efforts that goes above and beyond the usual process, it can also be used as a checklist.


Online Stores for Gifts to Remote Partners 

Here are a "few" links that Chrixy put together per my request. It was based off of all the times that I get asked "Do you have any suggestions if we would like to send our remote partners in the Philippines a gift or gift certificate?"


3 Things to Master to be a Highly Effective Remote Partner (VA) 

The Art of Time Management & Time Blocking, Counterbalance and Gratitude & Meditation are interconnected, when one is off the others are too. We are all a work in progress so just keep moving forward, practicing, keep on studying and being a student of these arts until it becomes automatic to us.


YouTube Playlist Around Remote Partners (VA's & Their Leaders) 

✅ Click HERE to watch a couple of video lessons around remote partners or virtual professionals (VA).

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