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I'm Christine Paguirigan-Saldivar, a Journalist, Development Worker, and Digital Marketing Strategist (and an awesome wifey). My heart is set on capacitating and empowering remote partners to own their roles, meet their goals, and make them the rockstars that they are capable of becoming.
  • Creative Director
  • Copywriting & Content Creation
  • Digital Marketing Strategist & Specialists
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Get to know more about Chrixy's style in conversation, webinars and interviews through the following videos and clips:

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Marketing Course

This course aims to help the community learn why marketing is important in business. It tackles trends in social media and email marketing, lay out a clear view of the current landscape and dispel myths around it.

Armed with the basic knowledge on these two types of marketing, this course will present the basic tools you can use to market your business more effectively and efficiently. At the end of the course, we share bonus materials and baby steps on how to form good marketing strategies, habits and tactics.

☀️ Tools, templates, articles and resources ☀️ 

F.A.Q.’s around Remote Partners, VAs or Virtual Assistants

This FAQ document also serves as a recommendation on how you can be at your highest and best for your remote partners. This shows various efforts that goes above and beyond the usual process, it can also be used as a checklist.

Online Stores for Gifts to Remote Partners

Here are a "few" links that Chrixy put together per my request. It was based off of all the times that I get asked "Do you have any suggestions if we would like to send our remote partners in the Philippines a gift or gift certificate?"

3 Things to Master to be a Highly Effective Remote Partner (VA)

The Art of Time Management & Time Blocking, Counterbalance and Gratitude & Meditation are interconnected, when one is off the others are too. We are all a work in progress so just keep moving forward, practicing, keep on studying and being a student of these arts until it becomes automatic to us.

Social Media Calendar Template

Get this template to help you get started on doing your social media content in a more efficient, effective and practical manner. 


Chrixy's heart is set on contributing to the saying "tikkun olam,"
which means "world repair"

Chrixy Paguirigan-Saldivar

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Chrixy has a degree in AB Journalism and Masteral units for Multimedia arts. She has been a Digital Marketing Strategist for more than 10 years and has developed expertise in social media and email marketing.

She first worked as a managing editor under a news company named Areopagus Communications Inc. There, she served as news anchor, field reporter, sites/social media manager. She then became a Media Officer and led Development Consulting Projects under an NGO.


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Fun stuff about Chrixy!

I married the love of my life in 2021, we dated for more than 8 years. I serve in a parish chorale with him. 

We have 5 kitties we love them dearly. My husband and I love to go on camping and long drives.


"Our Cultivate Wins Coaches are committed to ensuring what we do is filter through, informed by & audited against the core concepts & principles that make up the 5x5

And Karen is no exception to that. What Karen does, teaches & builds truly embodies these core principles & we are crazy proud to know that Nicole is part of our Cultivate Wins family!!"


Message from David Breckheimer
CEO & Founder of Cultivate Wins

What people are saying...


Chrixy consistently brings new ideas to the table that are effective and didn’t feel like old retreads that everyone else was doing. She helped create a consistent branding and presence for me and my small team on social media. Another thing that I appreciate about Chrixy was her follow up and accountability, which I really needed. After working with her I felt confident that what she was working on for me was going to make a difference in my business. I was excited about the ideas that she had and I looked forward to how they would be implemented and what the responses would be. This takes time to get traction and see results, and that’s exactly what


I love Chrixy's optimism.  I could always count on her to go the extra mile. I really appreciated how she would go above and beyond to get things done. She took direction very well and was a quick learner, she picks up quickly and does a great work getting everything organized. She adapts very well to the business' changing needs. She never complains, and she was always happy to help. This for me is something I greatly respect, and it shows real character. It's people like her I'm proud to be working alongside with because I get the feeling that we're all in this together. Her loyalty and dependability did not go unnoticed, and I'm extremely grateful for that.


Chrixy has been so helpful. Honestly, she is impacting my life in such a positive way and have lifted so much anxiety for me. I'm truly happy and grateful for her.



Chrixy is doing a phenomenal job for both roles she is handling. She is very organized and her leadership muscle is growing leaps and bounds. We had her do many outputs and projects that have been well received. Chrixy is positive, a self starter and willing to ask the questions, push for answers and shows up as a leader.

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