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Karen is an avid learner with many of the KW and eXp classes under her belt. With decades of experience in the real estate industry, her scope of knowledge is broad and her perspective is unique. From individual agents to mega teams, brokerages, and operations she'd experienced it all..
  • Operations Director
  • Onboarding Specialist for a National Mega Team
  • Assistant Team Leader & Productivity Coach
  • Executive Assistant in the Luxury Real Estate Market
  • Office Operations & Front Desk Support
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Get to know more about Karen's style in conversation, webinars and interviews through the following videos and clips:

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🎧 52 min listen

3 Strategies To Overcome Your Overwhelm with Grace

🎧 60 min listen

CW Webinar on Consistent Growth Year-over-Year: Practical applications of the 5X5

🎧 57 min listen

12 Amazing Leadership Nuggets from CW Coaches
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🎧 04 min listen

Strategy to Overcome Your Overwhelm Nugget: Overview

🎧 04 min listen

Overcome Your Overwhelm Nugget: Change the Way You Look at Things

🎧 03 min listen

Strategy to Overcome Your Overwhelm Nugget: Brain Dump
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A little more about Karen: Her "soapbox" is being purposeful. She's passionate about serving and bringing heartfelt value to the administrative community!

Karen Sewell

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With over 30 years in the real estate industry and a degree in Marketing, Karen has worn many hats. She is uniquely qualified in most aspects of the industry though her passion lies within the administrative community. Karen is constantly striving to learn new ways, and sharpen existing ways, to navigate the ever-changing industry to maximize efficiency and productivity while always putting people first!

Karen is a huge advocate for building quality relationships with those around you and puts those beliefs into action daily. Relationships start and stop with communication. Karen practices what she preaches and lives life by design. During the cold winters, she and her husband (and their little dog) live in sunny SW Florida and head north for the beautiful summer months to enjoy their family and friends back home in Minnesota.


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Fun stuff about Karen!

Karen really dislikes being cold, so, years ago, she and her husband set out to live a life by design and now currently live in Florida (from Minnesota) most of the year. They spend beautiful summers back in Minnesota where her heart πŸ’• refills with time spent with family and friends. 

They have 4 amazing kids! Nothing fills Karens bucket more than seeing someone reaching for their goals and having fun along the way. They have an adorable Papillon, 🐢  who offices at her feet. The sun on her face restores her soul. She works out in VR almost every day, nothing beats a good sweaty workout! ..and she loves to crochet. πŸ§Άβ˜€οΈ  


"Our Cultivate Wins Coaches are committed to ensuring what we do is filter through, informed by & audited against the core concepts & principles that make up the 5x5

And Karen is no exception to that. What Karen does, teaches & builds truly embodies these core principles & we are crazy proud to know that Nicole is part of our Cultivate Wins family!!"


Message from David Breckheimer
CEO & Founder of Cultivate Wins

Schedule your FREE 30-minute discovery call to see if CW's coaching is for you!

What people are saying...


Karen is an amazing person and someone who has absolutely helped my real estate career grow over the years. She brings a wealth of information from her vast experience in the industry, is extremely helpful and responsive, and is a great resource to talk to and get advice from. Karen is someone I reach out to with questions and help often, and she provides a great sounding board. Plus she's always upbeat and has a positive attitude! She is an amazing person and I have really enjoyed working with her over the years.


Karen was so much more than a productivity coach. Karen was a mentor, accountability 
partner, oftentimes a counselor, and eventually an incredible friend. Real estate is not an easy industry to be successful in and when I began I had no idea what I had actually gotten myself into. Enter Karen. With more patience, understanding, kindness, and care than I, or anyone, could possibly deserve, Karen guided me through all the bumps, bruises, and tears that this industry inevitably throws your way and held me accountable to achieve success.


There is no doubt in my mind that if I had not had Karen in my corner encouraging me, holding me accountable, and picking me up when I fell, I would not still be in this industry today. Karen cares so deeply and truly puts her heart and soul into her work, no matter what it is. She wants to make everyone around her better and she does. It just comes naturally to her. She is truly an asset to every situation. Karen is an incredible mentor, coach, and person and I feel lucky to also call her my friend.

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