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FREE: The 12 Tactics of SHIFT

This purpose of this course is to review the highlights of the 12 Tactics that are shared in SHIFT through the lenses of Cultivate Wins and the "5x5" principles.


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Total hours of the course: ​​The 12 Tactics of SHIFT (3:40:00)


Course Introduction - 15 minutes running time
Welcome to the Course (3:13)
About Your Instructor (5:25)
Outline and Objectives (4:59)

Foreword, Introduction & Part One: THE MARKET SHIFTS - 30 minutes running time
Key Points From The Forward - THIS IS HUGE!! (9:53)
Key Points From The Introduction (6:28)
Part One: THE MARKET SHIFTS - Shifts Happen & The Law of Equilibrium (13:23)

Part Two: YOU SHIFT (Tactics 1-5) 70 minutes running time
Tactic 1 - Get Real, Get Right - Mindset and Actions (11:36)
Tactic 2 - Re-Margin Your Business - Expense Management (16:35)
Tactic 3 - Do More With Less - Leverage (11:59)
Tactic 4 - Find The Motivated - Lead Generation (17:42)
Tactic 5 - Get To The Table - Lead Conversion & Set Appointment (12:10)

Part Two: YOU SHIFT (Tactics 7-12) 90 minutes running time (Coming December 2021)
Tactic 6 - Catch People In Your Web - Internet Lead Conversion
Tactic 7 - Price Ahead Of The Market - Seller Pricing Strategies
Tactic 8 - Stand Out From The Competition - Seller Staging Strategies
Tactic 9 - Create Urgency - Overcoming Buyer Reluctance
Tactic 10 - Expand The Options - Creative Financing
Tactic 11 - Master The Market Of The Moment - Short Sales, Foreclosures & REO's
Tactic 12 - Bulletproof The Transaction - Issues & Solutions

Course Wrap Up
Let's Wrap Things Up
Additional Resources, Tools, Recommended Readings & Links