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STANDARD PRICE: Time Management and Time Blocking Strategies Course


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The Goal of Time Management & Time Blocking Strategies - Building Your Dream Calendar: That you'll walk away with actionable strategies to help you move in the right direction, and believing that a "dream calendar" could be as or MORE inspiring that a "dream board."

This short 3-hour course will share David's Time Management Tools and how he uses it. All tools shown will be FREE & accessible!


Total hours of the course: Time Management & Time Blocking Strategies (2:58:28)

Course Outline

Course Introduction

  • Welcome to the Course (6:46)
  • How I use my "planners" as an "activity-log" and "journal" (16:15)
  • Building Your Dream Calendar - WEBINAR FORMAT (1:14:58)
  • Getting The Most From Your Activity Logs & Journals (20:29)

The Fundamentals (55:17)

  • Be willing to DO THE WORK - Time and application will change your context (6:29)
  • WHY - Why do you even care? (10:21)
  • Baby steps - Determine how many hats & then build out calendars for each (9:20)
  • Baby steps - Ok, now we're getting somewhere - Real APPLICATION (10:05)
  • How I might use a notebook to supplement my calendar - Working ON the business (19:02)

Course Wrap Up (24:31)

  • Bonus Material: THE 21 DAY CHALLENGE (14:35)
  • Planner, Activity Logs & Journal Prompts Overview (9:56)
  • Course Wrap Up - YOU CAN DO THIS & I BELIEVE IN YOU (9:56)