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FREE: Email Management as a Skill - The missing link to work-life balance

Email Management as a learnable and transferable skill. 

For many, true email management is the missing link to real work-life balance. We could have the most dialed in, efficient and predictable systems around, and still have our days, nights and weekends run by our email. 

This course includes about 2 hours and 40 minutes on email management as a skill and system, and then includes a 38 minute bonus section dealing with MINDSET.

This course will address this commonly lacking skill set, and make a number of suggestions to help you create a truly effective email management system for yourself.


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Total hours of the course: ​​Email Management as a Skill - The missing link to work-life balance (3:24:50)

Course Introduction

  • Welcome to the Course & About Your Instructor - 5:11
  • Outline and Objectives - 5:21

Key Principles of an Email Management System

  • Let's start with Mindset and Definitions - 19:13
  • Immediate Filters/Questions - Making wise choices - 12:36
  • Benefits of Batching - 12:39

Advanced Tips 

  • Advanced Tips - Intro - 3:43
  • Email Formula - The "Breckheimer Sandwich" - 9:36
  • Email Subject Lines - Have a formula - 13:26
  • CC All & BCC Clients - Lean in to healthy "peer pressure" - 14:25
  • Formatting - Another KEY to becoming more affective & efficient - 7:53
  • The Power of Filtering on Nights & Weekend - Reducing Stress - 12:10 (Video Error)
  • The Power of Folders When Onboarding or Training - Handing Over Folders (Ownership) - 13:02
  • 3 Skills Working in Harmony - Email Management, Time Blocking & Templates - 12:57

Bonus Material - Mindset/Book Recommendations

  • Reading - Part 1 - Why, What & How - Les Brown's formula - :55
  • Reading - Part 2 - Let's talk about the Les Brown formula - 7:03
  • The Reading - Part 3 - Og Mandino's The Greatest Salesman In The World - 15:49
  • Reading - Part 4 - Don Miguel Ruiz's The Four Agreements - 13:11

Course Wrap Up

  • CONGRATULATIONS - Peace, contentment, joy, gratitude & compassion - 3:46


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