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An Introduction To Becoming A Transaction Coordinator -  This is a FREE 4.5 hour TC based workshop that includes exercises to help ensure that you retain what you learn. And in addition to that you will receive all of the editable tools, templates & resources that you see shown & used within these videos.

TC Support Membership - What can you expect

Cultivate Wins is committed to supporting Independent Transaction Coordinator’s - Both Personally & Professionally.

Through our Membership, Cultivate Wins is providing the most complete library of courses, training, tools, webinars, workshops & direct support for both new & experienced Independent TC’s (a.k.a.: Small Business Owners).

*And our goal is to do at a price that will help small business owner keep their expenses low.

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Coaching, Consulting & Training

Before coaching with Cultivate Wins we highly recommend scheduling a FREE 30 minute consultation. Let's make sure that we are a good fit for each other.

Click here to visit our Contact Us page. Our Cultivate Wins Coaches are committed to ensuring that all that we do is filter through, informed by & audited against the core concepts & principles that make up the 5x5

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FAQ's for new & aspiring TC's - FREE resources

Whether you're fairly new to this industry or just doing your due diligence to determine if becoming an Independent TC (a.k.a. small business owner) is right for you, we hope that this blog will be helpful to you. 

This blog will include video replies to for each of the FAQ's, along with links to tons of FREE tools, resources & FREE workshops. 

Cultivate Wins is committed to helping Small Business owners to both build the business and life that they dream of, all while living a life filled with peace, contentment, joy and being fully informed by gratitude and compassion.

FAQ's for new & aspiring TC's - FREE resources

Providing value through our Cultivate Wins TC Membership site, online courses, 1-on-1 & group coaching. Our membership site is dedicated to discussing the practical sides of building & running your small business. As an independent TC you are a business owner FIRST, and so you can expect a lot more from our membership than just a few lessons around how to process files. We are consistently adding new content around business models, business planning, transaction management, lead generation, leadership and more!! 🔥 Other benefits will include 💯 percent access to all of our courses, tools, spreadsheet & graphic templates and much more to help run your business. And EVERYTHING we teach & share is based around our 5x5 core concepts & principles. There are no exceptions!!

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