An Introduction To Becoming A Transaction Coordinator - A FREE 4.5 HOUR WORKSHOP

An Introduction To Becoming A Transaction Coordinator

*This is a FULL 4.5 hour video workshop that includes exercises to help ensure that you retain what you learn. And in addition to that you will receive all of the editable tools, templates & resources that you see shown & used within these videos

Q: Who has this course/workshop been designed for?
A: This is a
FREE workshop designed specifically for those that are either "thinking about" becoming a Transaction Coordinator or those that are fairly early in their TC journey and role. 

Links & Resources for the WORKSHOP 

The following links will include all of the videos for the workshop, a complete outline of everything shared in the workshop, links to all of the tools & resources that you will need and detailed exercises to help ensure that you are able to retain & apply what you are learning within the workshop

Additional Tools & Resources - LINKS


  • Go through & complete the following courses - TC101, TC201, Email Management As A Skill & 4 Keys To Building Any System (these are all INCLUDED in the MEMBERSHIP - So save your money and do NOT buy them in our store if you are a MEMBER)
  • Don't wait until everything is "perfect" before getting started. You will learn more by having a dozen files going at a time then studying and trying to "perfect" your systems and tools. 



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