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Uncategorized Feb 03, 2023

Whether you're fairly new to this industry or just doing your due diligence to determine if becoming an Independent TC (a.k.a. small business owner) is right for you, we hope that this blog will be helpful. 

Our goal is to help provide you with some FREE tools & resources, address & answer a few F.A.Q.'s, provide a few suggestions and encourage you to CHASE YOUR DREAM ✌️😎 

✅ An Introduction To Becoming A Transaction Coordinator - A FREE 4.5 HOUR WORKSHOP

Let's start with providing you a link to a FREE 4.5 Hour Workshop that includes 4.5 hours of video, along with the complete outlines of everything that was covered within the Workshop. The outlines will also include links to every tool and resources shown during the Workshop, along with practical exercises to help ensure that you are able to truly apply what you are learning. All of the tools and resources that you will received will also be fully editable so that you can begin to build out the tools that you will need to start building out your own systems and tools, and begin to process files ASAP‼️ 

An Introduction To Becoming A Transaction Coordinator - A FREE 4.5 HOUR WORKSHOP

In this blog you will find the following (in other words, this could get LONG and you might want to scroll down to find what you're looking for): 

  • We're going to start with a short discussion around the fact that as a INDEPENDENT TC you are truly a business owner FIRST - And with that it is important to know that every business owner will need to OWN all of the roles that exist in a business (a.k.a. they're going to have to OWN all of the "hats" until they choose and are ready to build a team).
  • We're going to TRY to address a number of the most F.A.Q.'s for newer TC's 
  • Links to some FREE Tools & Resources that you may find helpful 
  • A little bit of information around our TC Support Membership - What is included for the $12/months and how to get the most out of it (there also is an annual option that works out to be just $8/month)

FIRST & FOREMOST - Know & understand that an Independent TC is NOT a "TC"... They are a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER that provides transaction management as a service. The key point being that they are business owners FIRST, and one of the "hats" that these business owners will typically wear when they get started is that of a TC (transaction coordinator). 

So as a small business owner, what are some of the common "hats" that they will need to own when starting their business? Well, this could be broken down in thousand different ways, but here are a few examples...

  • Lead Generator & Marketing - Responsible for finding & bringing in the business. 
  • Systems Designer & Builder - Always remembering that tools are NOT systems & systems are NOT tools (draw out your systems & processes FIRST, and then determine what tools your. will use to implement those systems & processes - NOT the other way around).
  • Financials - We would recommend working with an accountant & bookkeeper - Balancing your books weekly & reviewing your P&L monthly is what we are recommending - Know your margins & have very specific goals around these (outsourced leverage & expertise is always going to be recommended in this area - this is one business expense that you may want to truly consider).
  • Legal - It is crucial that this small business owner knows what is required of them by law - We would recommend working with an attorney (outsourced leverage & expertise is always going to be recommended in this area - this is one business expense that you may want to truly consider). 
  • Leadership - This is an area, even when a small business has added just one person to the team, that will cover a number of areas & skill sets - Such as the hiring process, onboarding, training, leading & more. 
  • TRANSACTION COORDINATOR - Always remembering that when you own an Independent Transaction Coordinator business that you are a business owner that provides transaction management as a service. And although you are always going to be a business owner FIRST, someone needs to be able to provide those services at a high level. And until you grow a team, and you choose to allow others to "OWN" that hat", you will need to wear that "hat".
  • ...and more... - The above is NOT meant to serves as an exhaustive list of all of the different "hats" that a small business owner will need to OWN, but rather just a few of the basics that we want to be sure are not missed or taken for granted. This IS a real BUSINESS, and all of the above must be taken in to consideration and given the attention that it deserves.

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So let's dive into a few F.A.Q.'s for both new TC's & those that may be considering becoming TC's 

WARNING: There is NO WAY that a simple blog or post like this could answer all of these questions with the level of depth that they truly deserve. But we are going to do our best to bring real value and provide suggestions that may help you to know how and where to go deeper.

Q: I've seen a number TC's in Facebook groups complain about how little they make per transaction when compared to what their agents are making. Why does this topic seem to come up over and over again? Are TC's "underpaid" or how would you look at this?

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (12:00) 🔗

Q: So where exactly do I find customers?

A 1 OF 2: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (15:48) 🔗 


Q: How exactly do I learn how to be a TC (remembering that you are NOT a TC - You are a SMALL BUSINESS OWNER that provides transaction management as a service - But we understand that some are specifically ask how to learn the "art" of becoming a freakishly awesome TC that any agent would LOVE to work with)?

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (17:32) 🔗

Q: How would a new TC best learn real estate contracts? And is that necessary?


Q: My business is growing, and although our business is designed to provide leverage to others, I think I'm either ready or close to being ready to look for some leverage as well. Where can I learn more about working with and hiring a remote partner (a.k.a. virtual assistant or VA)? 

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (9:34) 🔗 

Q: I've joined quite a few of the TC based Facebook groups, and I seem to be getting the impression that many of these TC's (small business owners) are working some pretty crazy hours... Um, is that what I should expect for myself & my business as well? Is that what agents are expecting out of a TC that they work with? HELLLLLLLLPPPPP!!

A: WATCH HERE 🎥 (9:23) 🔗 

Q: What tools should I have to help me run my business? Are there any FREE versions of these tools that will actually work for what I'm building?

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (12:50) 🔗 

Q: Where can I find some task list examples? I'm just not sure where to start or what this should look like 😳😱🤔

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (7:14) 🔗 

Q: What SYSTEMS do I actually NEED to "play" the TC "game" at the highest level? I just kind of want to be FREAKISHLY AWESOME at this ✌️😎

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (9:23) 🔗 

Q: What levels of service should I be providing? Do I actually NEED a license & what are agents expecting?

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (8:18) 🔗 

Q: What is a "value proposition" and do I REALLY need to have one?

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (12:02) 🔗 

Q: Is it hard to start or really build your business during a time when agents feel that "the market is tough" or during a "SHIFT"?

A: WATCH HERE ðŸŽ¥ (9:00) 🔗 


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Direct Link to FREE TC Based Tools & Resources - Cultivate Wins Free Goodie Bag Page

  • Cultivate Wins Guide - This downloadable PDF guide will provide you with the basics around many of our core concepts & principles. This guide will provide fully editable graphics (all graphics are clickable & will open as templates within your own Canva account), descriptions of the principles that each graphic shares, worksheets & more.
  • VIRTUAL WHITEBOARD (VWB) template & video tutorial - This is a fully editable and functional VWB template, and what you see in the video demo is the exact VWB that is being provided.
  • TC101 Toolkit & video walkthrough of the toolkit - This is a spreadsheet that includes a number of additional helpful links, tools & resources. Some of those tools & resources include links to our actual Google drive where we have saved over 200 examples of TC based task list, contract to post close roadmaps & more.
  • Our 30-60-90 graphics, spreadsheet tools & video tutorials - At Cultivate Wins we believe that our industry simply has not pushed the 30-60-90 concept far enough, and so we share our concepts & tools around how we believe this concept could be taken to another level & become more effective for both the business & those it is designed to lead.
  • Real Estate Roadmap to Success & Ops Directory - Any good business owner knows that they should have their systems and processes well documented... But making that a reality can become very overwhelming for some. So we provide some video lessons and tools around this area. 
  • Tools, Content and Resources for Remote Partners (VA's) - It's incredibly common in our industry to hire & work with remote partners (a.k.a. virtual assistants or VA's). And so we get A LOT of questions around this. We have quite a few resources that touch on this topic, and so one section of the Goodie Bag Page will lead you to some of those resources. Those resources will include a YouTube playlist that we have around this topic, a few blogs that will include an F.A.Q. section and list of service providers that can assist you and your team on finding and making the hire (we only include companies that will also provide your remote partners with heal benefits & allow your team member to keep 100% of any bonuses that you choose to pay out), and more.
  • A FULLY EDITABLE GRAPHICS LIBRARY - I believe in our Membership there are well over 100 FULLY EDITABLE GRAPHICS, but we have pulled out about a dozen of them for you to use for FREE. You'll find a number of them that seem to be used over & over again by TC all across the country. Such as our 5x5, TC Value Propositions, 30-60-90, The Four Agreements, Ten Scrolls, The 4 Key Ingredients to Build Any System and more. These are ALL FULLY EDITABLE, but please note that some of these were created with a PRO level Canva account. So some of the graphics include PRO level graphic features that some will not have access to if they are only using a Canva's FREE account. But feel free to steal, edit and use what you can, or simply create your own graphic based off the concepts that you like from our FREE templates. 
  • "...AND MORE..." - I know everyone says and ends just about everything with "...and more!!" But in this case, it's just true. You'll find links to a number of other YouTube play lists that you might find helpful, links to contact us directly, links to sign up for our newsletter, links to reach out to us to determine if working with one of our coaches is right for you, etc. ("...and more..." - LOL). 

We truly hope that this was helpful, and please feel free to share this blog with EVERYONE that you feel might find some value out of it or might just want access to some of the FREE tools & resources on The Digital Good Bag. We encourage everyone steal what they can from those resources, edit them to fit your needs and DO SOMETHING with them.

Our last word is this...

Please do NOT isolate!! SERIOUSLY!! Just DON'T allow yourself to choose to isolate!! 


Q: What do you even mean by that? I don't get it... 

A: This certainly won't be true for EVERYONE within our industry, but it's common enough that we just can not end this blog without addressing it. 

The fact is that MANY TC's that have been doing this for years, even successfully for years, have lived & worked on a very "isolated island", and they have build & designed their business this way. Maybe not knowingly, but in the end, that is their reality and results. They work by themselves, rarely having any real help or real connections. They work by themselves at home, and they have the ability to truly "hide" behind their systems, tools & email templates. Do NOT allow yourself to move in this direction. Become hyper aware of finding and getting into COMMUNITY. Make and maintain REAL CONNECTIONS where you can both receive and give back support to others. The Independent TC community is very REAL & very ACTIVE!! There are MANY amazing & large TC based Facebook Groups (links to a number of them can be found on the TC101 Toolkit & VWB) and meet-ups that exist. Again, be FREAKISHLY INTENTIONAL about plugging into these, and again be FREAKISHLY INTENTIONAL about building real connections and relationships. 

Your mental health matters & will THANK YOU for being FREAKISHLY INTENTIONAL around this!! 


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