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How do you define success?

mindset success May 24, 2020

Today's journaling topic...

How do you define success?

And how do you define failure?

Now grab your journal and try to work through a little self discovery on how you may answer those questions.

I'll provide some context below from the words of one of my hero's, Og Mandino. And I hope his perspective helps to stir something in you for today's journal entry.

Additional thoughts on what you are about to read from Og Mandino:

At this point in my life my "BIG WHY" very much revolves around things such as peace, contentment, joy and gratitude. And so with those in mind the following words from Og Mandino resonate LOUD in my soul.

From Og Mandino's point of view we all define success differently, but for the most part we all agree how failure is defined.

The following is copy of the quote from Og Mandino dealing with this topic, and I'll follow that with a copy of Mandino's complete list of 10 Scrolls or principles that he mentions within these words.

The following is quoted from The...
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Underlining & “HEARTING” While Reading

mindset May 24, 2020

Underlining and “HEARTING” While Reading

Q: So what the heck is “HEARTING”?

A: Many of us are used to underlining and “staring,” or using asterisks, to mark up our books. I do this ALL the time (along with writing in the margins). I’m just suggesting that we get a bit more intentional, purposeful and passionate when we put ink to paper. I’m suggesting that if you read something that truly moves you or stirs some kind of genuine PASSION in you that you replace your typical “star” with a HEART. Yup, HEART that baby!!!

I have two very basic reasons that I have gone to using a HEART rather than a simple star or asterisk:

1) I have decided that I want what I write to more closely reflect how I’m feeling at that moment. And if I’m loving something that I just read it makes no sense to me to put a star next to it. A HEART is simply more accurate to how I’m feeling at that moment.
2) It creates a completely ...
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An Active vs. Passive Reading Practice

mindset May 24, 2020

First Question: How much does your mind wander when you read?

...and please note that you are superhuman, and I am jealous if this in not a problem for you.

Here are some fairly typical results that many of us experience based on a wandering mind:
  • We get less out of our reading… Sometimes it seems like we get nothing at all out of our reading sessions.

  • We start to feel that we are wasting our time and then reduce the amount and frequency that we are reading… Assuming that we don’t just give up on the practice all together.

  • We decide to give audio books a shot just to find out that our minds are no more focused while listening then when reading… Man we’re messed up…

  • Then based on the above points we begin to unjustly judge ourselves, and assume that we’re just not cut out or all that interested in this “reading-thing”.

Second Question: Is there hope for us?

Answer: Heck yeah there is! I have found that the key, ok MY...
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Gratitude Journaling - All the cool kids are doing it!

gratitude journal mindset May 23, 2020

Let’s dig right in and define the practice of journaling. More specifically Gratitude Journaling.

It’s simple:

  • Get out there and buy a basic notebook or journal. Don’t get too caught up on what kind of journal this time around. You’re going to fill this baby up anyways, and each time you do you’ll have a better idea of what you’d prefer the next time around… and yes, this will change over time… We can talk more about that another time.

  • Actively and intentionally LOOK FOR at least three things that you are grateful for each and every day.

  • Then simply document those in your journal. This can be done with a single word, sentence or full blown short essay. Regardless of how you do it, just be sure to do it.

  • Extra Credit: Read what you’ve written out loud at least once before you go to bed. There is something truly magical about hearing yourself speak words of gratitude.

A journal can be anything you want it to be. Here...
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