Monkey Mind vs. Inner Teacher: Meditation and Mindfulness Practices

RealTalk w/Madison & the Cultivate Wins Team

WATCH THE REPLAY for this conversation here: 

WATCH THE REPLAY for this conversation here:  


Today was a GOOD day!! Our friend Madison Elyse is about to lead a week long retreat that will include conversations and activities such as mindfulness, meditation, intuition (your inner teacher), yoga and more. And knowing that this retreat was coming up I had asked if she would be willing to meet with our Cultivate Wins team and share with us anything that is currently just "setting her soul on fire" that might be discussed on her retreat. 

And so as I said, today was a GOOD day!!  

What you are going see below is an actual copy of of the notes that our Creative Director, Chrixy, had taken. We are truly grateful for all that Madison had to share, the space she held for us, and for Chrixy's willingness to share what she had noted during our time with Madison.  

And for those hoping to connect with Madison or learn more about this amazing retreat that will be taking place in March of 2023 please visit the following links. 

And here is a copy of Chrixy's notes from today's conversation 

“Who can you become? What are you prepared to let go of to know who you can become?”

The Reality of Today:

  • We haven’t stopped to ask “what do we want”
  • Self care is not a one size fits all kind of journey. 
  • How can we facilitate this journey of everyone taking care of themselves: Self-care
  • “Fatigue is real”Sometime at the end of the day we don’t have the energy or we are too tired to come even talk about self care

Monkey Mind vs. Inner Teacher (a.k.a. Intuition)  

  • Monkey mind is that chaotic, random, slot machine thoughts.
  • We are tired because we don’t stop (we are too busy doing everything, anything)
  • Intuition as an inner teacher: When you find silence, you give way to your inner teacher.
  • When I can stop thinking - it allows my intuition to come to the front - that’s my personal power. 

Inner Teacher: Think about some qualities of your teachers and what he/she presents. List all those qualities and journal them. These are all our capacity too to help ourselves. Often times we are fatigued and exhausted so even if the inner teacher shouts we cannot hear it.

How can following your intuition help you live a more fulfilling life/pursue your “dharma” – the thing you were put on this earth to do?

Listen to the Inner Teacher

  • Once you allow yourself to listen to it, it can help you step forward.
  • Who can you be if you are willing to let go of things you need to let go?
  • The Inner Teacher doesn’t really show up without you having intervention… 
  • We also place a lot in our teacher, trust their guidance… to be able to trust yourself
    — intervention of books or tools or ways to access this. 
  • This monkey mind, the world comes into our eyeball and your monkey mind is in front trying to juggle everything. Inner teacher needs to come past the monkey mind. 

Quote from my teacher: The purpose of life is to separate our soul-driven desires from those of our mind - our ego. 

  • Let’s treat our mind with the same level of attention we give to our physical body. 
  • Often it’s the ache and deep knowing in your body that something is wrong or you are craving… it can start as pokes, then bigger nudges. 
  • Have things push us to instances where the inner teacher comes in front.
  • Access your inner teacher through softening, prompts.. some of us access this through trauma…

In these times of trauma and struggle we do soften — we are pushed to a point where we can no longer fight. We relinquish control and let the inner teacher take over. Let go.

Using Meditation/Mindfulness Practices to silence your monkey mind.

How can we tap into the inner teacher on command?

  • Movement meditation - If you are having trouble finding peace in stillness, you can try walking meditation.. feel your breathe and feet touching the ground, every step or do activities and focus on your movement like cooking, baking, swimming, etc. (feel the rhythm of your breath)
  • One Truly Mindful Moment Per Day - Picking a mindful meditative moment once a day where you will be truly present in the moment: brushing your teeth or washing the dishes - get super in touch with moving and being present in your body.
  • Yoga Practice and other Meditation Practices: Yin, Nidra, Single Pointed Meditation (focusing on breath) and other practices.
  • Learning Discernment, Repeated Behaviors, Fight, Fawn, Flight Responses

We tend to take on too much, if we are taking a softening practice. Bring meditation in moments and life and opportunity slowly, one step at a time… It’s not something to be attacked. How many of them are accessible to you, it's important to have various toolsets. Allowing the space to be built is one of the most valuable things you can do. 

Here are a few links and resources for those interested in connecting with Madison Elyse:

And just a final word around what you could expect at Madison's RETREAT INTO YOU March 19-25th of 2023 in Costa Rica (copied from the Retreat Into You website):

When was the last time you did something for you? Fall in love with yourself at this 7-day yoga and wellness retreat in the heart of the Costa Rican jungle. 



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