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How do you define success?

mindset success May 24, 2020

Today's journaling topic...

How do you define success?

And how do you define failure?

Now grab your journal and try to work through a little self discovery on how you may answer those questions.

I'll provide some context below from the words of one of my hero's, Og Mandino. And I hope his perspective helps to stir something in you for today's journal entry.

Additional thoughts on what you are about to read from Og Mandino:

At this point in my life my "BIG WHY" very much revolves around things such as peace, contentment, joy and gratitude. And so with those in mind the following words from Og Mandino resonate LOUD in my soul.

From Og Mandino's point of view we all define success differently, but for the most part we all agree how failure is defined.

The following is copy of the quote from Og Mandino dealing with this topic, and I'll follow that with a copy of Mandino's complete list of 10 Scrolls or principles that he mentions within these words.

The following is quoted from The...
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