My Favorite Podcast... and WHY!!

mindset success Sep 12, 2023

My Favorite Podcast...
and WHY!!

There are two questions that I get asked, and see asked quite often within Facebook groups...

  • What are your favorite books?
  • What are your favorite or go-to podcast?

So in today's blog we are going to focus on the second of these two questions, PODCAST

So let's start with a simple, but important breakdown of what attracts me to any particular podcast. In other words, what criteria must must a podcast meet to make my personal "favorites" list.

So here are a few of the boxes that must be checked:

  • It must be interview or dialog based - In a podcast I appreciate dialog between two verses a "speech" of sorts from one. I find a dialog to be much more interesting, and I will most likely listen to an audio book if I'm am looking to hear from just a single person.
  • Great Questions - I believe that being able to ask truly great questions, and even better follow-up questions, is a true ART form and SKILL SET. And to see someone, most often the host of the podcast, do this consistently at a high level is just crazy entertaining and inspiring to me. It is a skill set that I care very much for and appreciate in others.
  • Long Form - I love LONG FORM podcast. Meaning that I'm very drawn to podcast that are not afraid to go beyond that 2-4 hour mark. I am interested in seeing and hearing people go DEEP, and I simply don't believe that 30, 60 or 90 minutes would allow most to go as deep as I am interested in. 
  • Great Guest - I have spoken about the importance of the host (someone whom has true mastery in the area of asking truly great questions and follow-up questions), but then I'm also very interested in who the host is able to attract as guest. And then it also inspires me when I see that the host has gone to extreme measures to be prepared for that guest. I believe both the guest and the listener appreciate it when the host has truly "done their homework." 
  • Podcast Is Available In Video Format Via YouTube - I certainly will listen to a podcast while walking, driving or doing things around the house. But I simply love knowing that the video format of the podcast are available on YouTube. Sometimes, or many times for me, I just truly enjoy watching two people interact. I'm fascinated by their mannerism, how the two interact, eye contact and everything else that can be gained from a visual verse audio context.
  • Podcast and Videos That Have Descriptions That Provide Good Indexing, Time Stamps and Includes Appropriate Links To Resources - To have a podcast that cares enough to include all of these things has real value to me.

So there you have it. Those are just a few of items that I am looking for when I'm considering a podcast. The above list may be a bit much or even extreme for some, but I love going DEEP, and the above are a things that seem to be fairly consistent with some of my favorite podcast. 

So let's get back to and answer the original question... What are your favorite or goto podcast? Here are just a few that seem to meet most of the above criteria: 

The above list can and will change over time, and I could create a secondary list with just as many "honorary mentions". But for now, I hope the above is helpful to someone who just LOVES to learn, grow and investigate, and is eternally curious.


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