TC Lead Generation: FREE Resources

Uncategorized Jun 04, 2024

TC Lead Generation: FREE Resources

Cultivate Wins has a number of resources based around TC Lead Generation. And the simple purpose of this blog is to provide those we serve with a single place to find all of them. So here are the primary blogs, tools and resources that Cultivate Wins has put together for TC's around lead generation, marketing and business development.

We also would like to share a few other go to resources that we believe every small business owner should know inside and out... So here are our MUST HAVE, MUST READ, MUST RE-READ, MUST APPLY AND MUST EMBODY BOOK RECOMMENDATIONS.

Recommended books to help build your knowledge, skills and mindset around branding, marketing and lead generation.
  • THIS IS MARKETING - Seth Godin
  • $100M Leads - Alex Hormozi
  • SUPERFANS - Pat Flynn
  • START WITH WHY - Simon Sinek
  • BLOG: 1000 True Fans - Kevin Kelly - DIRECT LINK TO BLOG
And if this is an area of need and growth for you, I am going to also recommend the following for both the above blogs from Cultivate Wins and recommended book list.
  • Read & re-read each of these once per quarter for the next 18 months (yuppers, that's 6 times through each)
  • Each quarter DOCUMENT what you will APPLY from what you have read.
  • Each quarter AUDIT what you have applied for EFFECTIVENESS - I can be a GAME CHANGER for many to have an accountability partner, group or coach for this
  • Make adjustments, and repeat the above process for the next quarter (doing this for at least 18 months)

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