TC Lead Generation - 100 STRATEGIES & PROMPTS

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TC Lead Generation - 100 Strategies


 The REAL purpose of this blog is simply to ensure that TC's have a PROMPTING TOOL around lead generation. So what do I mean by PROMPTING TOOL

I've been in what seems hundreds of conversations with TC's, agents and other small business owners who would like to grow their business, and simply don't know how to answer the following question... 

Q: Other than referrals, who are your TOP 3 lead sources? And based on that answer, where are they, how are you getting in front of them, and what do your ACTIVE and PASSIVE systems look like to convert these into real business? 

So again, the simple purpose of this blog is to provide a tool for a TC that may help PROMPT them with a few different ways to go about generating leads. There are always going to be some incredibly CREATIVE personalities out there that rattle off idea after idea for generating new business, but it's ok to simply CHEAT, and use a tool like this to help get those creative juices flowing.

Video summary of what you could expect from this blog and how to get the most form it (5 minutes in length)... 

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What I hope you "hate" about this blog - The lack of a complete breakdown or system for any of these strategies (every lead gen strategy needs a SYSTEM)... 

 As mentioned above, the purpose of this blog is to simply provide a PROMPTING tool to help a TC (a.k.a. small business owner) come up with some lead generation approaches, sources and strategies. It is NOT to provide 100 complete systems to ensure that each is effective

And the reason I LOVE that you someone might HATE that all of the details for a complete system are missing is because that gives me hope that after they choose their TOP 3 lead generation strategies, they will ensure that they get FREAKISHLY FANATICAL about building truly EFFECTIVE systems to implement each strategy. BECAUSE THAT MATTERS‼️

Lead Generation "Seasons" based on your business model & organizational design (understanding this concepts MATTERS)... 

 I can't stress enough how important the concept of SEASONS is to me when I think about a small business owner putting together a lead generation strategy. 

So what do I mean by SEASONS

It's going to be very common that a small business may go through a season where the owner is the ENTIRE TEAM and OWNS ALL THE HATS (a.k.a. responsibilities, rolls and activities). And during this season that business owner may have to choose some EFFECTIVE lead generation strategies that they will have the BANDWIDTH for (a.k.a. time). Verses that same business owner could be 18, 24, 36 months down the road, and now has a team of 3-5 rockstars, and they have leveraged themselves out of the "day-to-day" customer facing activities (such as being IN the files), and now has the BANDWIDTH to take a completely different approach. 

Be honest about the SEASON that you're in, and be FREAKISHLY driven to find a strategy that can be truly EFFECTIVE during that SEASON

Recommended reading - Re-reading quarterly for 3-5 years... 

 If I could only recommend 5 books around marketing, lead generation and sales they would include the following:

Some of you will not care for these books simply because they may not give you a step-by-step instruction on how to become or have mastery in your marketing and lead generation. Much of the content here is designed to help to grow a MINDSET and THOUGHT PROCESS that will allow someone to grow in ways that could help one gain the mastery that they desire in these areas. 

And yes, I would recommend owning both the audio and hard copies of each, and commit to going through each once per quarter for at least a year, if not 3 to 5 years.

Goal Setting Examples... 

And let's not forget that GOAL SETTING actually matters. And let's also not forget that truly EFFECTIVE goal setting can be fairly involved and require very specific systems (systems that we can and will HONOR).

I am NOT suggesting that you set goals in the way that are being provided in the following graphic, but I do believe that it might be helpful to some to have at least some kind of context or example to work from (yup, another PROMPT for you.... PROMPTS matter).

So in the following example we have a TC that finished the year with 285 closed transactions, earning $500 per transaction, with a roster of 26 agents. 70% of their closing came from 8 of their 26 agents. So 199.5 of the 285 came from those 8 agents. Up to this point the TC has been able to keep the monthly expenses down to $650. And based on tracking, they know that they end up working with 50% of the agents that they interview or do a discovery call (so they have a 50% conversion ratio). 

The TC's goal is to go from 285 closing/year to 500, and with that they are expecting that their monthly expenses would increase to $800/month plus and $1800/month for payroll (they are planning to hire a remote partner to grow their team and provide some much needed leverage to help with their growing business). 

So based on these projects, and based on a 50% conversion ration (which could is a LEARNABLE SKILL and could always be improved) the TC would need to interview or conduct 40 discovery calls to get to their new annual goal of 500 closed transactions. And based on all of this, you can see how all of the other projected numbers would work out as well (total agent roster, number of top agents that produce 70% of the revenue, etc.). 

I feel like I could write a book just around goal setting, tracking, auditing, accountability, skill sets, and more for GOAL SETTING. But AGAIN, this blog is NOT meant to be a book, but rather a TOOL and PROMPT to help inspire you to achieve your lead generation goals. So please do not forget to build additional systems around setting and tracking your goals.

Two list... Top 10 & WHY and Top 100 broken down into 5 categories... 

 So why are you seeing two very different list below? 

The fist is a "Top 10" of sorts list that I have pulled together based off of some of the suggestions that are going to be made within the full 100 STRATEGIES & PROMPTS list. I simply choose a few of them to highlight, and then added an additional WHY below each. The WHY is just to provide a few comments around why this would be one of the STRATEGIES & PROMPTS that I liked. 

And I'm recommending that you do the same. Pick out your favorite 5-10, document WHY you like them, and then start building REAL SYSTEMS that would ensure that you can become FREAKISHLY EFFECTIVE in accomplishing your goals through the use of them.

And lastly, find a person, coach or group that you can and will be held accountable to for those systems, your actions and results. DO NOT MISS THIS PART OF THE PROCESS‼️

The second list is one that I created using ChatGPT 4. I provided it with as much information as I could for a Transaction Coordinator, and I shared that it was to take into consideration that most TC's would have little to no budget and little to no time... Then asked it to help create a list of 100 LEAD STRATEGIES FOR A TRANSACTION COORDINATOR. And this is what it came up with. 

You will also notice that it broke this list down into 5 very specific categories, and then provided 20 strategies for each of them. 

*MY FINAL RECOMMENDATION WITH THE LIST CREATED BY CHATGPT 4... Find a group of TC's (a community that you trust is committed to growth and holding each other accountable) to go through this list with, and GET TO WORK‼️

Top 10 strategies with WHY... 

Given the criteria of cost-effectiveness and time efficiency, especially considering the typical profile of Transaction Coordinators (TCs) as a small business owners with limited budgets and time, here is a list of the "Top 20 Strategies" from the list provided below that are most likely to offer a high return on investment both in terms of money and time. Here are 20 recommendations and the rationale behind each of these choices:

1. Build a Relationship with & Providing Freakish Levels of Service to the Co-Op Agent (minimum of a 4-6 week plan/system)

  • WhyMy go to lead generation strategy for TC's will always revolve around Co-Agents. These are agent on the other side of the transaction from. Sure, "some" of them will already have a TC, but NOT all, and even those that do will to look for a new TC at some point (real estate admin is a high turn over business). It will be COMMON that you will have an opportunity to work with each Co-Op agent for 4-6 weeks. And my goal would include 3 things: 
    • Create a relationship with them (this is a learnable skill)
    • Provide FREAKISH level of value to both THEM AND THE TRANSACTION 
    • Make sure that you and your systems perform at a level that BLOWS THEM AWAY  

2. Referral Program for Current Clients - Lean into your existing RAVING FANS

  • Why: Implementing a referral program can be very cost-effective, relying on satisfied customers to bring in new business. It requires minimal time to set up and maintain. An example for a referral might be providing one of your existing customers (agents) with a FREE transaction once any of their referrals have closed their 3rd transaction with you.

3. Content Marketing & Web Site Content: Blogs, eBooks, FREE Agent Based Tools & Resources To Agents Run & Grow Their Business

  • Why: Creating valuable content like blogs or eBooks requires time but minimal direct costs. This content can attract and educate potential clients, establishing the TC as an authority, and can be repurposed across platforms.
  • Here is a link with a ton of examples or prompting ideas for editable tools and resources that a TC could create for agents. These tools are meant to help an agent run and grow their business, and these are editable tools that you would host on a "FREE Tools & Resource" page on your website: DIRECT LINK TO SPREADSHEET TOOL OR PROMPT SHEET

4. Client Testimonials and Case Studies - Online Reviews and Testimonials

  • Why: Using both direct quotes and video testimonials. Collecting and showcasing testimonials and case studies is free and builds credibility and trust with minimal time investment, leveraging happy clients to attract new ones. Encouraging online reviews is a free way to build credibility. It requires minimal time from the TC but can significantly influence potential clients. 

5. Educational Workshops and Webinars - Teaching, Online Classes & Trainings either solo or with respected industry experts (collaborations)

  • Why: This could be done LIVE at any of the brokerages where you already have RAVING FANS (existing customers, agents and compliance managers that LOVE you and the files your are submitting). You could also do these via video conferencing for these brokerages, teams or associations. Hosting free sessions can be done with little to no cost using platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. It's a way to demonstrate value and expertise to a broad audience efficiently. These events can provide valuable networking opportunities that can lead to referrals and partnerships.

6. Email Drip Campaigns & Newsletter 

  • Why: Regular newsletters keep TC's top of mind with potential clients. Using templates and automation tools makes this strategy both time and cost-efficient. With the use of free or low-cost email marketing tools, setting up drip campaigns can be a time and cost-effective way to nurture leads over time, automating part of the lead generation process. But the key may come down to your ability to write and send emails that they will actually read and take action on. This will also allow you to dive traffic to your site where you are hosting all of your AGENT BASED FREE TOOLS & RESOURCES that they will want and need to run their business.

7. Posting DIY Video Marketing Tips & Tutorials

  • Why: Many agent need to learn how to promote themselves online, and you can help provide them with tips, tricks, techniques and systems for taking their marketing to a whole other level. Video content is highly engaging and can be produced using smartphones, making it a cost-effective marketing tool that can significantly increase engagement with minimal expense.

8. Canva Templates for Real Estate Marketing

  • Why: Utilizing Canva’s free version to create marketing materials saves on design costs and time. It’s an efficient way to produce professional-looking content for social media and other marketing channels. This could include templates for testimonial graphics, Market Updates, RE Tip Of The Week, Just Listed/Sold, holiday specific, birthday, buyer and seller guides, checklist and more.

9. Instagram Stories with Quizzes, Q&A & Ask Me Anything (AMA) Sessions & Post - 

  • Why: Instagram is a free platform, and using Stories for Q&A sessions requires minimal time investment. It’s an excellent way to engage directly with real estate agents, showcase expertise, and build relationships without a financial outlay. Quizzes can be created for free or a minimal cost and offer an engaging way to capture the interest of potential clients, with the bonus of being shareable content for social media.

10. Facebook Groups Participation

  • Why: Joining and participating in existing real estate-related Facebook groups is free and can be done in a time-efficient manner. This strategy allows TCs to network, share expertise, and subtly market their services (side note: this CAN be done EFFECTIVELY without self-promoting).

Top 100 broken down into 5 categories...

Absolutely, I understand the task at hand and am eager to deliver a comprehensive master list of lead generation strategies tailored for Transaction Coordinators (TCs), segmented into the five categories we discussed. Let's aim for a diverse range of strategies, from simple to more elaborate, ensuring there's something actionable for TCs regardless of their marketing experience or budget. Here we go:

I - Digital Marketing Strategies

  1. Instagram Stories with Q&A Sessions: Engage real estate agents by hosting regular Q&A sessions on Instagram Stories.
  2. Facebook Groups Participation: Join and actively participate in Facebook groups where real estate professionals gather.
  3. LinkedIn Articles: Publish articles on LinkedIn about the importance of efficient transaction coordination.
  4. SEO for Transaction Coordinators: Optimize your website with keywords that real estate agents are likely to search for.
  5. Google My Business Listing: Create and optimize your listing to improve local search visibility.
  6. Pinterest Boards for Real Estate Tips: Create boards that offer tips and resources for real estate agents.
  7. Webinars on Transaction Management Best Practices: Host webinars that provide valuable insights and tips.
  8. YouTube Channel for Transaction Coordination: Start a channel offering advice on transaction processes and client management.
  9. TikTok Tips for Real Estate Agents: Share short, engaging tips and tricks that can help real estate agents in their day-to-day tasks.
  10. Email Drip Campaigns for Prospects: Develop a series of emails that nurture leads over time.
  11. Lead Magnets: Offer free downloadable resources in exchange for email addresses.
  12. Guest Blogging on Real Estate Sites: Write guest posts for popular real estate blogs to increase your visibility.
  13. Online Reviews and Testimonials: Encourage satisfied clients to leave reviews on platforms like Google and Yelp.
  14. Affiliate Marketing with Real Estate Products/Services: Partner with real estate product and service providers for mutual promotion.
  15. Retargeting Ads: Use retargeting ads to capture the attention of website visitors who didn't take immediate action.
  16. Interactive Online Quizzes: Create quizzes related to real estate transactions to engage potential clients.
  17. Virtual Networking Events: Attend or host virtual networking events targeted at real estate professionals.
  18. SEO Keyword Research for Blog Topics: Use SEO tools to find trending topics that agents are interested in.
  19. Social Media Paid Advertising: Run targeted ads on social media platforms to reach real estate agents.
  20. Email Newsletter Featuring Transaction Tips: Send out a monthly newsletter with tips, updates, and valuable resources.

II - Traditional Marketing Strategies

  1. Direct Mail Campaigns with Personalized Offers: Send personalized postcards or letters to real estate agents in your area.
  2. Networking at Real Estate Conferences: Attend conferences and networking events to meet agents in person.
  3. Custom Branded Merchandise: Distribute pens, notepads, and other branded items to real estate offices.
  4. Local Sponsorships: Sponsor local real estate events or agent award ceremonies.
  5. Billboards in High-Traffic Areas: Invest in billboards near real estate offices or in areas frequented by agents.
  6. Print Ads in Real Estate Magazines: Place ads in magazines that real estate professionals read.
  7. Cold Calling Real Estate Agencies: Introduce your services to local real estate agencies via phone.
  8. Referral Program for Current Clients: Offer incentives for current clients who refer new agents to you.
  9. Participation in Local Community Events: Get involved in community events to raise brand awareness.
  10. Flyers and Brochures in Real Estate Offices: Leave informative flyers and brochures in local real estate offices.
  11. Branded Vehicle Wraps: Use your vehicle as a moving advertisement with a branded wrap.
  12. Open Houses Collaboration: Offer to assist at open houses as a way to introduce your services.
  13. Local Chamber of Commerce Membership: Join your local chamber to connect with business owners, including real estate agents.
  14. Business Cards with QR Codes: Distribute business cards that link directly to your online portfolio or website.
  15. Radio Ads in Local Markets: Create radio ads targeting real estate professionals in your area.
  16. Host a Booth at Trade Shows: Set up a booth at real estate trade shows to demonstrate your services.
  17. Local TV Ads During Real Estate Shows: Advertise during TV segments or shows popular with real estate agents.
  18. Partnerships with Local Businesses: Partner with local businesses to offer bundled services to real estate agents.
  19. Speaking Engagements at Local Events: Offer to speak at local events on topics relevant to real estate transactions.
  20. Personalized Gift Baskets for Top Prospects: Send gift baskets to high-potential real estate agents to make a memorable impression.

III - Relationship and Value-Driven Strategies

  1. Offer Free Transaction Coordination Trials: Allow agents to experience your service for a limited time without commitment.
  2. Client Success Stories: Share detailed stories of how you've helped agents close deals smoothly.
  3. Value-Added Email Content: Send emails that provide exclusive tips, market insights, or regulatory updates.
  4. Q&A Sessions with Real Estate Experts: Host sessions with real estate experts to discuss industry trends and how TCs can support agents.
  5. Client Referral Highlight Program: Feature agents who refer new business to you in your newsletter or on social media.
  6. Workshops for Real Estate Agents: Provide free or low-cost workshops on topics like marketing, legal updates, or technology.
  7. One-on-One Consultations: Offer personalized consultations to discuss agents' specific transaction coordination needs.
  8. Agent Collaboration Projects: Collaborate on projects or marketing efforts that benefit both you and the agent.
  9. Feedback Surveys with Incentives: Send surveys to gather feedback from agents, offering incentives for completion.
  10. Volunteering for Real Estate Associations: Volunteer your time and expertise to real estate associations, building relationships in the process.
  11. Comprehensive Transaction Checklists: Create and share detailed checklists for different types of real estate transactions.
  12. Exclusive Resources for Social Media Followers: Offer resources exclusively to your social media followers to encourage engagement.
  13. Client Appreciation Events: Host events to thank real estate agents and clients for their business.
  14. Partnership with Real Estate Coaches: Work with real estate coaches to offer your services as part of their coaching packages.
  15. Customized Service Packages: Offer customizable service packages tailored to individual agent needs.
  16. Collaborative Marketing Campaigns: Partner with agents on marketing campaigns, sharing costs and benefits.
  17. Agent Success Feature Series: Feature successful real estate agents on your blog or social media channels.
  18. Free Virtual Assistant Services for a Week: Offer a week of free virtual assistance to showcase how you can support agents.
  19. Interactive Transaction Flow Charts: Create flow charts that visually explain the transaction process to agents.
  20. Personalized Video Messages: Send personalized video messages to potential clients introducing your services.

IV - Innovative and Creative Strategies

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) Tools for Listings: Develop AR tools that help agents offer virtual tours of their listings.
  2. Blockchain for Secure Transactions: Introduce a blockchain-based system for secure and transparent transaction coordination.
  3. AI Chatbots for Website Engagement: Implement AI chatbots on your website to answer potential clients' queries in real-time.
  4. Virtual Staging Services: Offer virtual staging services to help agents enhance their listings online.
  5. Mobile App for Transaction Management: Develop a mobile app that helps agents manage their transactions on the go.
  6. Social Media Contests for Agents: Run contests on social media platforms specifically designed for real estate agents.
  7. Interactive Webinars with Industry Leaders: Organize webinars featuring industry leaders discussing the future of real estate.
  8. Gamified Lead Generation Tools: Create a gamified experience on your website for agents to learn about your services.
  9. Drone Photography Services for Listings: Provide drone photography services to agents for a unique perspective on their listings.
  10. Customized CRM Solutions: Offer customized CRM solutions tailored to the specific needs of real estate agents.
  11. Virtual Reality (VR) Open Houses: Help agents set up VR open houses for a immersive property viewing experience.
  12. Tech-Enabled Efficiency Workshops: Conduct workshops on using technology to streamline transaction processes.
  13. Online Transaction Coordinator Certification Course: Offer a certification course for agents or aspiring TCs.
  14. Agent Collaboration Platform: Create an online platform where agents can collaborate, share tips, and network.
  15. Data Analytics for Market Insights: Provide data analytics services to help agents understand market trends.
  16. Smart Contract Integration for Transactions: Integrate smart contracts to automate and secure real estate transactions.
  17. Innovative Listing Presentations: Develop tools or templates for agents to create innovative listing presentations.
  18. Digital Signature Solutions: Offer or integrate digital signature solutions to streamline the document signing process.
  19. Tech Support Services for Agents: Provide on-demand tech support services to help agents with digital tools.
  20. Subscription-Based Content for Agents: Create a subscription service offering exclusive content, tools, and resources for agents.

V - Cost-Effective and DIY Marketing

  1. Social Media Profile Optimization: Guide agents on optimizing their social media profiles for better engagement.
  2. DIY Video Marketing Tips: Share tips and tools for agents to create their own video content for listings and promotions.
  3. Low-Cost Social Media Ad Strategies: Teach agents how to create and run effective social media ads on a budget.
  4. Email Marketing Templates: Provide agents with customizable email marketing templates.
  5. Free Listing Sites Maximization: Guide agents on making the most of free listing sites and online classifieds.
  6. Canva Templates for Real Estate Marketing: Create and share Canva templates specifically designed for real estate marketing.
  7. Google Analytics for Real Estate Websites: Teach agents how to use Google Analytics to track website performance.
  8. SEO Basics for Real Estate Blogs: Offer a guide on SEO basics tailored to real estate blogging.
  9. Community Engagement Strategies: Share strategies for engaging with local communities online and offline.
  10. Referral Exchange Networks: Help agents set up or join referral exchange networks within their industry.
  11. Leveraging Local SEO: Teach agents how to optimize for local SEO to attract local clients.
  12. Effective Use of Hashtags: Guide on using hashtags effectively to increase visibility on social media.
  13. Blogging on a Budget: Tips for starting and maintaining a real estate blog with minimal investment.
  14. DIY Public Relations: Strategies for agents to generate press coverage without hiring a PR firm.
  15. Collaborative Content Creation: Encourage agents to collaborate with others on content creation to share resources and reach.
  16. Cost-Effective Networking Ideas: Share ideas for networking that require minimal investment but offer high potential returns.
  17. Utilizing LinkedIn for Free Leads: Guide on leveraging LinkedIn’s free features for networking and lead generation.
  18. Podcasting on Real Estate Topics: Encourage agents to start their own podcasts as a way to share insights and attract clients.
  19. Video Testimonials on a Budget: Teach agents how to collect and present video testimonials from satisfied clients.
  20. Optimizing Online Directories: Guide on claiming and optimizing listings on online directories for real estate professionals.

This master list encompasses a wide range of strategies, from foundational digital and traditional marketing tactics to more advanced and innovative approaches, all while keeping in mind the practicality and varying skill levels of TCs. The focus remains on providing actionable strategies that can help TCs grow their business, improve their visibility, and forge stronger relationships with real estate agents.


Social Media Posting Ideas For TC's...

Here are a few posting ideas for those that are just needing some help coming up with something to post... Keep list like these around to use a PROMPTS while you're trying to get those creative juices flowing

  • Personal post (let people get to know you and your teams)
  • Share your agents post (share what they care about)
  • Pain Points for both an agent and a TC, and solutions around them
  • Compliance based topics-Forms (educate, updates, etc.)-Proven marketing tips for agents
  • Tech reviews (software, hardware, apps, etc.)
  • Leverage (the importance and value of, how to gain leverage, etc.)
  • Time management tips and tricks-Transaction tips-Listing tips
  • Free editable tools, graphics and resources that they can and will run and grow their business with
  • Events that agents would be interested in
  • Book reviews or lessons learned from books you are reading and IMPLEMENTING
  • Vendor discounts (finding partnerships and ways to get discounts for your agents in areas that they care about and will benefit from)
  • Shoutout to vendors (lenders, closers, title, attorney’s, repair services, etc.)
  • Share job postings (especially if your agents are hiring for any role on their team specifically)
  • Testimonials you received (both video and text based graphics)
  • Market stats (even better if it's in video collaborations with your agents for specific areas - you could do this with multiple agents across multiple areas they are serving)
  • Share blogs & videos that you have written or recorded
  • Share podcast or videos you have been interviewed on
  • Video shorts of any of the above-Video interviews with your agents-Holiday & birthday celebrations-Supporting your chosen charity
  • Shoutout for co-op agent on the other side of a transaction (don't miss this one any time that they deserve or have earned it... regardless of whether they have a TC or not... BRAG ON THEM & THEIR TEAM WHEN AND IF APPROPRIATE)
  • Humor!!

Suggested Follow-Up Questions You Could Use With ChatGPT or Each Other To Dig Even Deeper:

  1. Are there any strategies listed that you'd like more detailed information on or examples of successful implementation?
  2. How can we further tailor these strategies to align with the unique strengths and challenges of TCs in different markets?
  3. Would it be beneficial to categorize these strategies based on the required time investment, cost, or potential impact?
  4. Is there interest in exploring the integration of technology and automation tools within these strategies for efficiency improvements?


*I repeat... MY FINAL RECOMMENDATION WITH THE LIST CREATED BY CHATGPT 4... Find a group of TC's (a community that you trust is committed to growth and holding each other accountable) to go through this list with, and GET TO WORK‼️


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