What Role Do Standards Play In A System?

mindset system webinar Aug 26, 2022

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David's first point in this talk is to be sure to "Grant yourself GRACE!!" when talking about, preparing, honoring, auditing your systems to achieve your standards. Always remembering to break things down in to smaller more manageable parts. Always remembering that Mini-wins are HUGE!  

David's second point is help remind us that the statement and mindset that "It's all about systems" is simply NOT true. Although we hear this all the time, and many have come to both believe and use this statement, it simply is NOT true. So David dives into this topic to help us to better understand that there are at least 4 key ingredients for truly effective systems. 

First part where we dove deep into each of the 4 Key Ingredients to Building a Successful System, with real life examples and baby steps to follow through can be accessed in this link https://www.cultivatewins.com/blog/CWwebinar-IngredientsofSystem


False Statement & Mindset: “It’s all about systems!” …No, it is not!!

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LINK 1 OF 2: Cultivate Wins: 5x5 Foundational Questions & Principles http://bit.ly/CWFivebyFive
LINK 2 OF 2: Key Ingredients To Building A Successful System https://bit.ly/CWSystems

4 Key Ingredients To A System 

  1. Standard(s) - Determine your standards
  2. Systems - Create a system that achieves the standar (mindset & thought process)
  3. Communication - Learning how to communicate the standards, systems and processes that will support them (communication is both a learned skill and can be systematized)
  4. HONOR - Creating systems you can and will HONOR 


5 Steps for Finding and/or Setting Standards That We Can Build Systems To Achieve

  1. What is the system that we are going to audit or create
  2. Can this system be broken down into smaller parts and/or systems 
  3. What is the standard that we are trying to achieve in that specific area 
  4. Build or design the system (if a system does not already exist) that will achieve the standard(s) 
  5. Audit the system against the 5x5 (quarterly - anti-overwhelm) 
    1. Who OWNS the system
    2. Time block 30-90 minutes per quarter to review the systems you OWN 
    3. Choose the 1-2 systems that will get your time and attention next quarter 
    4. Draw out the specifics of what will be done and accomplished the next quarter for each of these, and ensure a time line, milestones, time blocks and an accountability plan is set in place to ensure the plans success


EXAMPLES - Many more could be given, but the following is simply meant to serve as PROMPTS to help someone begin to draw out their own list of system, subsystems and bring clarity to who OWNs what systems

Each of the following could be broker down into smaller parts, and we have provided a few examples below to show how that might look when drawn out

*Remembering that Tools are NOT systems & systems are NOT tools

  • Lead generation 
    • Top 3 active
    • Top 3 passive
  • Database management - Categorization, filters, organization, etc.
  • Customer Appreciation & Retention - Events, touches
  • Time management - Both Personal & Professional 
  • Email management 
  • Referral management 
  • Testimonial - Giving & receiving 
  • Personal growth 
  • Professional growth - Leadership, specific skills, coaching, etc. 
  • Professional knowledge - CE, Market trends, contracts, law, etc.
  • Financials 
  • Hiring 
  • Onboarding
  • Training 
  • Leading/Leadership (1-on-1’s, team meetings, etc.) 
  • Marketing (Active and Passive activities)
  • Open House 
  • Listing management
    • Listing management system
    • Email Management system
    • Communication and relationship management system (3 Compassion Questions can be effective in this area as well)
      • Agents - Effective & Efficient 
      • Buyer’s/Seller’s - Change the face of the NAR Survey 
      • Vendors
      • Broker/Compliance
  • Transaction management 
    • Transaction management system
      • Opening process
      • Inspection period 
      • Title & Financing
      • Per Close
      • Post Close
    • Email Management system
    • Communication and relationship management system (3 Compassion Questions can be effective in this area as well)
      • Agents - Effective & Efficient 
      • Buyer’s/Seller’s - Change the face of the NAR Survey 
      • Vendors 
      • Broker/Compliance 
  • Relationship and communication (3 Compassion Questions can be effective in this area as well)
    • Buyer’s/Seller’s
    • Agents
    • Admin 
    • Vendors
    • Broker 
    • Team
    • Network - Referral


Homework for you (best done with an accountability partner or group)

  • Write down (draw out all) your different systems and ask can any of those systems be broken into smaller parts/systems?
  • Determine who owns those systems.
  • Once a quarter, put on your calendar that you need to audit your systems (time block 30-90 mins).
  • Determine what 2 systems will earn your time for that quarter.


This is the Cultivate Wins Webinar Part 2 of 2 held August 26, 2022 with David Breckheimer is about What Role Do Standards Play In A System?

PART 1: You may watch the video here: https://youtu.be/B2tEI4GaHIA
PART 2: You may watch the video here: https://youtu.be/xKAq-LBWOYM 


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