A New Approach to Creating Your Teams Operations Manual / Directory

A New Approach to Creating Your Teams Operations Manual and/or Directory

Notes, tools and resources from the webinar held on Sep 23, 2022.


Start by asking yourself what your PURPOSE of building out an operations manual is for… 

  • To bring clarity to your WHY/Standards 
  • To bring clarity to your process and systems 
  • To bring clarity as to who OWNs what 
  • To have a single location or source for all of the resources that you and your team will need 
  • Etc.

Additional points to keep in mind… 

  • Creating and having an operations manual is NOT the goal 
  • Have a resource that is FREAKISHLY PRACTICAL is one of the goals 
  • An ops manual can and will be made and remain relevant and practical based on having a freakishly predictable “audit-schedule” (each quarter - based on roles and hats)
  • Understand and KNOW exactly what we are auditing it against 
    • For example: At Cultivate Wins everything is filtered through, informed by and audited against our 5x5 and The 4 Ingredients of a System) 
    • You do not have to use these two tools and/or standards, but truly KNOW what you are auditing anything against, and absolutely use ours if you do not already have something better or more specific for your organization 

 Final points before we dive into the actual tools that will be discussed and provided here… 

  • Grant yourself some GRACE (know the history of what this goal, process and tool has looked like across the years… it’s not a pretty story) 
  • Think SMALLER - Mini-wins are HUGE - Always remembering that many times overwhelm is or can be a CHOICE... Stop the "overwhelm"
  • Think and start with a DIRECTORY mindset 
  • And your CALENDAR can also be your most underrated operations manual (role based roadmaps of success with full resources at the ready)

 Tools that will be shared… 






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