CW Webinar: Scaling Your Business With Purpose with Nicole Merwin

business leadership scaling Oct 18, 2022

Scaling Your Business With Purpose

Notes, tools and resources from the webinar held on October 14, 2022



Stability is a BIG WHY 💕

A few things that helped POWER THROUGH with the BURNOUT.

✅ Finding the TC Community 💕
✅ Setting Boundaries 🙌🏼
✅ Refocus on the WHY
✅ The support system and connections
✅ Growing the team and laying out the structure of the business, and start to delegate.


TIPS: Reduce stress, find connections, community and support system, learn how to take some stuff off from your plate and remember your why.


To work your way through overwhelm and burnout - knowing your why is important.

  • Be self aware before making any change and set boundaries.
  • We can built systems but we need to build systems that we can HONOR.
  • We are all a work in process.
  • Delegate, you do not need to own everything
  • Find and accept a support system.
  • Listen and keep an open mind within the community - still make your own decisions.


Scaling was the ability to pull oneself out of the business (delegate) and not make it all about yourself.

  • Pulling oneself out but business still runs the way it was known to do so.
    Building the brand
  • If anybody needs the webinar link for Let's Talk About Scaling your Business with Amanda Churchwell - For all small business owners! 👉🏻 
  • If anybody needs the webinar link to Consistent Growth Year-Over-Year with Nicole Ptacek 


Delegation needs to be collaborative

  • In building out training manuals and systems --> make it a collaboration within the team
  • Leadership includes Hiring, Training, Onboarding, etc.
  • You need to lead your team to want the business to success just as much as you want to
  • Being gracious and compassionate leaders have a big impact on scaling your business.



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