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Being truly present is not simply a decision

books mindset Mar 03, 2022
Thought of the day… Being truly present is not simply a decision 😎

In coaching it’s pretty common every year to hear a few people say that "becoming more present" is one of their News Years resolution.

The good news is that this is an absolutely attainable goal AND that it’s a LEARNABLE SKILL.

The other part of that though is that just like any other learnable skill it will take real study and work to attain. Becoming more present is not as simple as “deciding” that we will become more present, it’s committing to the full study, understanding and repeated application of the knowledge gained that will help us to develop, grow and master this new skill.

The simple acceptance and understanding that we are talking about a LEARNABLE SKILL rather than a simple “decision” or desire is a very big step in the right direction.
If what you have read here excites you then I say CONGRATULATIONS‼️ Just seeing something as a learnable skill can be truly EMPOWERING‼️ Anything one person can learn we also can learn and attain mastery of as long as we’re willing to PUT IN THE WORK… and that my friends is truly empowering and sets my soul on fire 🔥

Additional Bonus of This Study & Work:
You will notice that the further you dive into the study of being truly present (mindfulness) that this study will lead down a rabbit hole of happiness, joy, love, compassion and understanding. And none of these additional topics suck ✌️😎
And for those interested, here is a link for the series that the following pics came from:

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