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I SEE THE CLOUD IN EVERYTHING - Living life in complete wonder

mindset Feb 12, 2022
Warning: This is a long one 🤣
I am asked about my mindset and outlook on things on a fairly regular basis. And if truth be told I LOVE those types of conversations and topics.

As some are aware I have five general areas that consume much of my thought and study, and those would include peace, contentment, joy, gratitude and compassion.
I tend to see all five of these as just parts of one whole, and I'm completely committed to meditating on, discussing and studying how they can be APPLIED and UNDERSTOOD in both my personal and professional life.

So the following share may provide a little insight into two areas of how I walk through this world day in and day out.

The first involving mindfulness and the other is the blessing of living a life of seeing everything as a complete wonder. In other words, walking through this world in complete awe of even the most "mundane" things and activities (just try talking to me about "washing the dishes" - I wouldn't suggest asking me about this topic unless you have set a least an hour aside - LOL).

So without rambling on any further, here is a copy of today's journal entry that followed our Saturday Group Meditation.


--- Journal entry from 2/12/22 ---

Living life in complete wonder

Today I saw the cloud in my guitar. 

I saw how the cloud became rain, and how that rain nourished a seed that became a tree. 

Then I saw all that the tree had provided to those that called her home or simply stopped to visit. 

I saw both the individual and colony of insects that called her home and ate from what she had to give. I saw the birds and squirrels that called her home and chose to raise their families there. 

I saw her many visitors who enjoyed what she had shared, her limbs, her bark and leaves, and were grateful for all she had to give. 

I saw those that passed by or simply stayed for a quick rest or to gain a better vantage point from her branches.

I saw the cloud in my guitar.

Then I saw the team that came to visit her and cultivate her for a transformation that would bring new life. 

This team worked together, ate together, looked out for each other, laughed and cried together. 

The work they did provided them with what they needed to feed, house and clothe their families. 

I saw them sitting around the table and enjoying a meal together. 
I saw these families experience bringing new life into their families.
I saw these families morn the loss of loved ones. 
I saw these families in my guitar.

Then I saw the work that the mill had done to reveal that pieces of the tree that would attract a craftsman that would help further the transformation that would bring new life and beauty and happiness. 

And in this guitar I saw the families that owned and worked at the mill. 

And in this guitar I saw the craftsman and families that worked at the guitar builders shop. 

In this guitar I saw transformation happening for the cloud, the tree, the team that cultivated her from the forest, the mill workers and the craftsman. 

Then I stopped to notice that I saw so much more. 

I noticed that my guitar was made of of three very different woods. 

This guitar was made up of alder, roasted maple and indian rosewood. 

And it immediately became obvious that what I thought I was seeing was at least three times bigger than I had ever imagined. And that I was seeing more of the world through her then I had given notice since each of these woods not only came from different trees, but also different forest, different regions of the world, they were all cultivate by very different teams and processed by three different mills

And then my mind was in awe of just how many clouds I could see in my guitar. Just how many clouds had turned to rain to help nurture each of these seeds in to trees, and then how many more clouds must have existed in my guitar to help each of these trees live a long and full life. 

I saw all of these clouds in my guitar.

Then I saw the passion, skill and love in the craftsman hands, heart, mind and soul as he built and refined the finest instrument that he was capable of producing. And I saw him, all those that supported him, his family, the sales team that helped to make it’s availability a reality, the store that I frequent just to find such a piece of work. 

And then I saw all of the skill and work that had been done by all of these amazing souls, and the income that it had produced, and how that fed and housed themselves and possibly a family. A family that they loved and just wanted to provide the very best they could for them. This guitar was the embodiment of all of that love, passion and skill.

Then I saw me. I saw me in the guitar. 

I saw the joy that it had brought me. I saw the smile that it brought to my face. I felt the emotion that it pulled from my heart, and both the “right” and “wrong” notes that would be played on her. 

I saw all of the other musicians that I would play with, and the love and relationships that existed there. And then saw all of their families. 

I saw all of the friends, family and strangers that she would preform in front of, and all of the different things that she and I would share and give to them as we worked together making beautiful noises. 

I walk through this world in wonder, and today I see the cloud in my guitar.


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