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Og Mandino's 10 Scrolls

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2022
Today's Random Facts About Reading The 10 Scrolls from Og Mandino's "The Greatest Salesman In The World" 📖
*See and save the 10 Scrolls graphic from this post, and keep a copy of it on your phone & computer for daily reference (the full graphic is attached below) - These 10 principles are pure magic when applied to both our personal & professional life

✅ I have never seen this book as a "sales" book - I see it as one of the greatest "love stories" ever written - It is about a "boy" who LOVES a "girl", and to ask her fathers permission to marry he must show that he can truly provide for her and their future family - And this is at the root of is WHY.

✅ The application of the 10 principles shared within these 10 scrolls are just as likely to help him become a better man, human and husband as they are to help him to become a truly great salesman.

✅ The first scroll shares a formula of how to read these scrolls - Each scroll is to be read 3x for a week before moving on to the next scroll - The average scroll, other than the first scroll which will take just over 10 minutes to read, can be read in less than 7 minutes (per the pacing of the audio book).

✅ And although I love the reading formula given in the first scroll I will always recommend to others that they bypass this rule on their first read-through of this book - I suggest to simply read it from front to back (the entire book is less and a 2 hour read), and then go back and read the scrolls as prescribed.

✅ Another amazing experience for me, and one that I do a few times per year, would be to listen to the 10 chapters that are the 10 scrolls in more of a "podcast" style listen while walking, hiking or jogging - In total the chapter that make up the 10 scrolls has a run time of 1:09:15 - So it's just over an hour long, and what an amazing and inspiring hour it is - Each time I do this something different HITS me, and that is a true blessing.

✅ Based on the time stamps from the audio book I will include the break down of time below for each chapter or scroll, and then also what a daily commitment for each scroll if you were to listen to it 3 times per day...

Total Time for all 10 scrolls = 1:09:15
Scroll I - I will form good habits and become their slave.
10:21 x 3 = 31:03
Scroll II - I will greet each day with love in my heart.
6:58 x 3 = 20:54
Scroll III - I will persist until I succeed.
6:35 x 3 = 19:45
Scroll IV - I am nature’s greatest miracle, and I will act that way.
6:42 x 3 = 20:06
Scroll V - I will live each day as if it is my last.
6:38 x 3 = 19:54
Scroll VI - I will be the master of my emotions today. - Self Control
6:54 x 3 = 20:42
Scroll VII - I will laugh at the world and myself.
5:59 x 3 = 17:57
Scroll VIII - Today I will multiply my worth 100 fold.
6:51 x 3 = 20:33
Scroll IX - I will act now.
6:37 x 3 = 19:51
Scroll X - I will pray for guidance.
5:40 x 3 = 17:00

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