TC Panel Webinar: 3 Take Aways & 1 Action Item from the "2023 Empowerment Conference"

Uncategorized Feb 13, 2023

Four panelist share 3 take aways & 1 action item from the "2023 Empowerment Conference"


Hosted by Cultivate Wins TC Coach & owner of Dotted & Crossed, Nicole Ptacek 
Link to Dotted & Crossed:
And her panel included Peter McComb, Nicole Worely, and Jamie Frazier 



— 3 Key Take Aways —

Jamie Frazier 

#1 - Simplify Your Life 

There is stress that builds muscle, and stress that is unhealthy. This unhealthy stress affects our body and is the feeling you get when you can’t do what you want to do. Recognize when you are in the place of that unhealthy stress, and focus on your Passion, Talent, and Needs that you can meet

#2 - Attract, Recruit, Retain 

  • Put yourselves in the shoes of agents and pay attention to what they are going through 
  • Have an avatar of the ideal client you want to work with & put it into writing
  • If you won’t do a new activity for 6 months, don’t start… Have consistency 

#3 - Real Estate & Economic Forecast

  • Be knowledgeable about the real estate market. Educate yourself constantly
  • Provide value to your agent. Have conversations with them and share insight and tips you have learned.


Nicole Worely

#1 - The importance of feeling safe in your workspace and team culture

  • Thankful to be on a team where our team owner is good at making sure what we are working on fills our bucket and that we are operating in our strengths.
  • Team members need to truly feel safe before we can expect them to share any real ideas with the team
  • "Loneliness is more dangerous than obesity, as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day."

#2 - Doesn’t matter what you do as long as you do it consistently 

  • Be consistent with lead generation by time-blocking it. 

  • Time block evaluating and auditing your systems as well.

#3 - There is real power in communication 

  • Realtors like to be guided. They appreciate knowing what the next steps will be.
  • Make it easier for them to realize the problems and struggles they have and how it will be better if they had help.
  • Match their problems with your value propositions. 


Nicole Ptacek

#1 - The height of our success is determined by the depth of our community 

  •  26% of employees would quit if they did not have growth opportunities
  • As business owners we need to cast a vision to our team members
  • 70% of employees are not engaged in the work they are doing

#2 - Lead Generation: How to start conversations or reach out to leads 

  • Know what you are going to say before picking up the phone - Scripting is important and truly empowering
  • Co-op agents ➡️ Genuine compliment: We really enjoyed working with you. Have you ever considered working with TC?
  • Agents ➡️ What are your expectations and goals in working with a TC?
  • Agents ➡️ What’s your communication style?
  • If you are only going to do something once, don’t bother doing it.

#3 - Believe is what we do when there is no data 

  • Where we are now in the market is where we would be in 2022 if covid hadn't happen. We are not in an economic crash. There is real power in knowing your numbers.
  • Focus on what we have control over regardless of what the market is doing (e.g. lead generation, conversation, relationships, systems, levels of service, etc.).


Peter McComb

#1 - Utilizing Social Media  

  • Have and know your pillars —> For Peter, they are his pets, family, his faith and TC related content
  • Peter had shied away from using Instagram, and was encouraged by what was shared at the conference to establish his pillars, and to engage in both Instagram and Facebook communities

#2 - Be the story catcher as we sign up agents but don’t know who they are (expectations when working with a TC, what’s your communication style) 

  • Stories influence passion and connect us to the world
  • Story catching allows these stories to be caught

#3 - A big factor in the team’s success is do a Psychological Safety 

  • Its important to stay connected in this industry




— Action Items —

"A goal without a date becomes a little less strong." - David Breckheimer

From Jamie - To learn more about utilizing social media: IG (learn how this platform works and use it)

From Nicole W. - Recording a 30 second video with the name of the agent and add to the video of your values - This is all about adding those personalized touches 

From Nicole P. - Hiring an attorney to update service agreement, add terms and conditions + disclaimers, etc. in website and Getting trademarked

  • Richard Alton: 754-600-9281

From Peter - Change up the way we train - Systems and prospecting

  • My goal is to change up new TC onboarding to a system of steps and training which ensure, before the end of week 3, a new TC can explain to a prospect what we do, how we do it, and what’s the financial picture of working with us, confidently and with ownership 
  • This is all in an effort to empower them to generate business as they’re continuing to learn how the company manages files, email and time batching systemically


Resource Links:

Sam Davidson’s TED talk



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