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The Art of Getting More Reviews

mindset Nov 08, 2021
The "secret" is to create a CULTURE around GIVING reviews‼

*Note to members of The Practical Side of Real Estate:
A video lesson around this topic of reviews can be found in your membership library
HOW - How will we create this new culture:

1) Create a practice of leaving at least 2 reviews per week for those within your industry. We will provide a script for this below, but it's not about leaving them a review IF they leave you one... That "bartering", not giving.
2) Commit to leaving a minimum of 2 professional reviews after EVERY transaction‼
FOR WHO - Who will we leave reviews for:
Every transaction will provide you with MULTIPLE options... 
For example, we have lenders, the agent on the other side of the transaction, the TC on the other side of the transaction, closers on both sides of the transaction, title and/or escrow companies on both sides, attorney's, inspectors, admin working for any of the previously mentioned, specialist that are needed to come in during the transaction to help everyone get this thing across the finish line (handy man, etc.)...
Take your pick, but let's be honest that there are PLENTY of people that we could be leaving reviews for‼
Let's stop asking how we can GET more reviews, and turn our intentions and actions to GIVING more reviews...
You might be surprised with just how giving more reviews will bless both you and your business in the long run, even if that is not your intention for doing so. Let's do this with true love, sincerity and respect for those that we are blessed to interact with in this wonderful industry, and worry less about what we get in return
*We can BE better & DO better ❤‼
Here's are two simple questions to ask ourselves BEFORE asking how we can gain more reviews:
  1. The first question for both myself or our team will always be "how many reviews have I or is our team leaving after each transaction?"
  2. The second questions is something that we could be asking ourselves each week... "How many reviews have we left this week?"
As mentioned above, there are always a few people that we could leave reviews for after any transaction (other agents, lenders, closers, title, attorney's, etc.), and assuming you create a culture and habit of GIVING reviews I trust that your chance of receiving them from both your clients and the professionals you worked with will return the favor.
And let's not forget that sometimes we're blessed to work with the same people more than once. There is nothing wrong with leaving multiple reviews for the same person. Some sites won't allow us to leave more than a single review, but it may be worth trying and/or simply ask them where else you could leave a review for them since you're excited to leave another.
Here is one specific approach around this concept:

How about determining who you will leave a review for, then specifically asking them WHERE they would prefer that you leave them a review (where they would find the most value in receiving a review), and when you have have that information SHARE that with your clients, letting them know who you appreciated in the transaction, who you will be leaving a review for, and then share with them exactly where you have been asked to leave the review. Then when sharing that with them let them know that you love leaving reviews, and where your preference for receiving them is as well if they ever felt that you had earned one.
*This is about CULTURE. Both creating and maintaining a CULTURE around GIVING reviews. So again, be very intentional about CREATING a CULTURE around GIVING reviews! A complete CULTURE and not just a system or process.

I have been getting some text and emails lately asking if I would be willing to leave someone a review, and assuming I leave one they’d "return the favor" and leave one for me... My suggestion would be that you consider the following "script" as another way to approach this...

“Good day [David], You frickin’ ROCKSTAR‼️
I would LOVE to leave a review for you‼️
Would you mind sharing with me specifically where you’d prefer that they are left?
For example, we prefer that people leave for us on our Facebook business page (just in case we ever earn a shoutout from you ❤️). Do you prefer to get them on your Facebook business page, Google, Yelp, website, other?
I just want to be sure that I leave it where you’re hoping to collect the most reviews and it would bring you the most value. 😎
Thanks again [David] for all you do, and please let me know where you prefer your review be left‼️

--- End of Script - Used via email, text or in conversation ---
Again, use your own language and style, but I would suggest possibly STARTING with the idea of only asking for reviews from those that you’d be willing willing to leave one for... and then START by letting them know that you are planning to do so. Then CARE enough to determine where THEY feel it might bring them the most value.... THEN let them know where you would prefer that they leave one for you if they ever feel that you have truly EARNED such return praise. And then go and leave them a heartfelt and sincere review ❤️‼️
And I would also suggest that you and/or each person on a team commit to leaving at least two of these reviews per week even on the weeks that there is no specific closing that prompts this practice. There is ALWAYS someone out there that could and does deserve our kind words.
This is just my two cents on another way to think about this topic. It seems due to a few popular webinars, classes and conventions that gaining more reviews seems to be a hot topic again.
I’m just suggesting that we consider GIVING FIRST and doing what it takes to create a CULTURE of giving reviews within ourselves and our team BEFORE putting any thought into how WE CAN GAIN more reviews... Perhaps start with giving ✌️😎

Ensure that where you choose to collect your reviews allows reviews from any and all sources. Understanding that some sites and/or tools will only allow those that are your direct customers to leave a review (such as your buyer's and seller's vs. also vendor that you may have worked or interacted with).

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