books mindset Nov 14, 2021
Just in case you are not CRAZY impressed with how amazing you are, and grateful for ALL that you have, I’m going to suggest that read the 9th chapter of Og Mandino’s The Greatest Miracle In The World.

Chapter 9, otherwise known as The God Memorandum, is a very blunt message all about just how INCREDIBLY AMAZING YOU ARE‼️ And if you have not read it, and do not have this perspective about yourself, then something needs to change, and your perspective is WRONG‼️ You are a FREAK OF NATURE AND CRAZY AMAZING… And I KNOW that I’m hard core right on this one… You ARE The Greatest Miracle In The World ❤️‼️ 

So if you don’t already have this book, BUY IT and read chapter 9, The God Memorandum every quarter until it is so engrained in your spirit that KNOW just how true it is. And if you have not bought, and will not read it to yourself, I’m happy to read it to you‼️ In fact it would be my honor to help ensure that you hear just how INCREDIBLY AMAZING you are.

This reading takes about 37 minutes to run through, and every word of it is meant for YOU‼️

YouTube Link of reading:

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