TC Panel Webinar: 3 Key Take Aways & 1 Action Item from the "Empower TC Retreat"

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Watch the webinar replay 3 Key Take Aways & 1 Action Item from the "Empower TC Retreat": 

This special webinar was a Transaction Coordinator Panel hosted by our very own Coach Nicole.

Each member of the panel shared their 3 Key Take Aways & 1 Action Item from the "Empower TC Retreat" organized by the amazing Mandy Riedinger and Amanda Churchwell last November 2022. The panel, led by Coach Nicole Ptacek (Cultivate Wins coach and the owner of Dotted & Crossed) were joined by Samantha Rogers-Seelhorst (from Dotted & Crossed), Melissa White Gilbert (Owner and Founder of Right Hand RE Services-Melissa Gilbert) and Lindsey Bavaro (Owner of Real Time Savers, LLC). 



Nicole Ptacek

(1) MINDSET AND PERSPECTIVE SHIFT: You are the sum of our choices. 
  • Keep your perspective in check
(2) TIME BLOCKING STRATEGY: Your time should really be divided into zones. A specific time blocking strategy based on zones.
  • BE aware that we only have 3-5 hours of productive per day, when are those hours for you and what are you doing in them?
    • Green zone - energized and when you feel your best, put more important ones in the green zone
    • Yellow zone - less energy but can still finish tasks
    • Red zone - very low energy
  • Figure out what tasks should be structured based on your zones.
  • Recommended reading: “At Your Best” - Carey Nieuwhof (Author)
(3) IDENTIFYING YOUR IDEAL CLIENT: Who are your best agents and where did they come from?
  • Focus your time and energy on your ideal clients
  • Identify source of your agents (roster, process how you got them - duplicate that process)
  • Shift away from scarcity mindset
  • After identifying, audit existing systems and tools 

Melissa White Gilbert

  • Retreats are different from big conferences
  • Take the time to to disconnect, process and think
(2) Importance of networking with others
  • When you/others are sharing you get to connect and relate
  • Get perspective when you talk to people on the same or similar boat you are in
  • The importance of networking with others - Everyone can get something from someone else that is there, and you will have something to offer someone as well - Everyone has and bring value

(3) Success is gonna look different for each of us

  • Realizing that was a big deal
  • We are all our own versions
  • What we want and where we go are very different from each other and that's okay


Lindsey Bavaro

(1) The value & importance of being in community: There is real value in “connecting”
  • Conferences and getting to know people more personally, being able to connect with people
  • Many have chosen to alienate or isolate
  • Facebook Groups/Community helps but since most of us works remotely being able to work/see people was important
  • Being able to brainstorm together on a one on one session
  • Having a friend to lean on

(2) Leadership: One of the qualities we need is to be able to control our emotions

  • Provide ways, tools, templates to overcome
  • It's our job is to de-escalate
  • Having a safe place: You really need an outlet to vent so it doesn't get vented in your team
  • Finding a balance of who you can vent to and how do we have our conversations about that with our team
  • Meme culture can be fun but do not let it go out of hand, when we are building culture we have to be intentional and make sure to not build in a negative
(3) We need to find a way to with ourselves to wake up in the morning content
  • Improving our self before the business
  • Huge goal we should work towards everyday on how I can be happy with who I am at the moment

Samantha Rogers-Seelhorst

  • Do not put off your personal needs, these will make you a better leader

(2) RECOGNIZING YOUR SUCCESS: Be more grateful

  • Be more cognizant of our success and track your successes.
  • Will have more impact in mindset
  • Bullet journal
  • Mini Wins are HUGE
(3) Decide What Kind of Business You Want
  • Think of ways outside of the box


Nicole: Weekly Management Meeting that follow the 5x5 
  • For accountability, prioritization and clarity on what your business needs
  • Maybe have book clubs, if that's what you need
  • When was the last time you audited the way your meetings? what did you accomplish? what are your actionable - measurable items?
  • Keep records of your mini wins
Samantha: Put a task on daily to do list and notify on calendar the question "what are you grateful for today?"
  • Getting more specific about everything & documenting her wins. She is also becoming more purposeful about her gratitude practice
  • Post three things you are grateful for in the team chat and let your teammates share what they are grateful for as well
Lindsey: To gain real clarity on her financials
  • Making sure you treat your business a business
  • You can hire a book keeper for both your business AND personal life - know what are you spending your money on - how much money went in and how did you spend those dollars?
Melissa: Financial clarity plan & system. Diving in deeper to the reports (exp: percentages in each category) - Also schedule some time for you to really take time to know what you are going to truly apply from all the notes you take or have
  • Know income streams, ROI on tools you pay for, what business comes in
  • Go ahead and schedule a time to just really take the notes and think about what you are gonna do for the betterment of your business. Implement the things you learned and make it a priority


 If you want to reach out to these amazing women, here are links to their profiles:

Watch the webinar replay 3 Key Take Aways & 1 Action Item from the "Empower TC Retreat": 


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