The Importance of Agents & Their Teams Providing Buyers/Sellers 5 Star Client Experience

In another amazing session with Brittany Kramme, she outlined the 5 phases you should know so you can provide a 5-star Client Experience.


The 5 Client Experience Phases: Build systems you will HONOR around each of these. Each filtered through & informed by the 5x5.


  • The phase when a buyer/seller has informed you they would like to move, but they still need to do a few "things" before they're ready.
  • This phase is critical for lead conversion.
    Preparing to buy or sell a home can be time consuming. As an agent, it is your & your team's job to keep in contact and make sure that potential client feels supported.
    It does not matter that during this phase they are not technically signed as a client. Your attitude & outlook should be positive with the mindset, they are my client and it is my duty to take care of them at the highest level of service.


  • The phase when a buyer/seller has informed you they are ready to move forward. Their "ducks are in a row," and they're prepared for the next steps.
  • In my opinion, this is the most important step in the process because it sets the professional tone for the rest of the transaction.
    Having a system & plan filtered through the 5x5 will provide the client comfort, clarity, ease, & excitement.
  • It is natural for a buyer/seller to feel nervous-excited when starting. It is your job to make them feel more excited than nervous.


  • The phase when a buyer/seller has gone under contract, and it is time to work through the contingency process.
  • As most agents know, the work is just beginning once a client goes under contract. Yet, sometimes the communication with under contract clients declines because they're "taken care of."
    In this market, I get it. It's tough. So what can you do to make it easier for yourself & your team to make sure the under contract clients are provided with all the love & attention they received prior to the contract?
  • Having communication checkpoints, a system, & plan filtered through the 5x5 will provide the client with clarity and understanding throughout the entire buying or selling process.


  • The phase when all contingencies have been released & you're approximately 2-weeks (give or take) away from closing.
  • Essentially, in this phase, you're ending strong. Whether or not there were bumps in the road along the way, your goal is to end on a high note.
    Your communication needs to be thorough. As for the professionals working on the transactions, is everyone on the same page for closing regarding numbers, date/time, location?
  • Are your clients very well aware of what the expectation is for them? For example, as a buyer, do they know how much money they need to bring to the closing table & whether it needs to be wired or a certified check? For a seller, are they clear on what the condition their home should be and what is & is not acceptable to leave behind?


  • The transaction is complete, but your relationship with your client should be LONG from over. This is the never ending phase of client engagement & retention.
  • There are post closing tasks that need to be completed immediately. Your post closing checklist can sometimes be lengthy so, as always, filter your tasks through the 5x5 to make them as efficient & effective as possible.
  • Fun Facts According to NAR: 91% of agents never contact their clients after settlement.
    88% of buyers said they would use their agent again & 61% said they were very satisfied with their experience. 25% of sellers use an agent they used in the past.

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