What does an effective and efficient Agent Onboarding Process look like?

admin system webinar Aug 16, 2022

As TCs we hear so much about task list, transaction management systems, email templates, but hear little about onboarding systems & process. 


Well it's about time we get that corrected. We'll have a number of things coming out on this topic over the next few months, but we thought we'd kick it off with this master mind. We have two amazing leaders that agreed to share their current processes with us. So a huge shout out to both of these amazing and talented woman for both their time and expertise. 

Jill Goldberg and her team Minnesota Transaction Coordinators shared her recommendation and suggested process:


Michelle from her team Hometown Transaction Coordinators mentions having a system for onboarding, like a course or sets of videos, as well as celebrating milestones.



This is the Cultivate Wins Webinar held October 2021 on the topic of Real Estate: Agent Onboarding Mastermind with Michelle Martinez & Jill Goldberg.

You may watch the video here: https://youtu.be/oWMIxdIZt5U 


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If you want to connect with Jill and Michelle:

Michelle Martinez, Hometown Transaction Coordinators


Jill Goldberg, Minnesota Transaction Coordinators, LLC
[email protected]



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