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What does Leadership and Empowering your People mean?

My focus on leadership leans heavy on the idea of "worrying" less about leading others, and heavy on finding ways to truly EMPOWER the whole team.


In this conversation I have asked my Creative Partner, Chrixy, to share with us what her experience has been like being lead from a position of being truly empowered.

I will certainly share a few of my core foundational principles that make up my style of leadership, but the most of the real GOLDEN NUGGETS in this conversation are going to come from my AMAZING partner.


THANK YOU Chrixy for agreeing to do this, and share both your perspective and experience with us. You truly are amazing, and I am both blessed and crazy grateful to have you on our team!!


This is the Cultivate Wins Webinar held July 2021 on the topic of Leadership - Empowering your People with Chrixy and David.

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