Marketing 101: Efficient and Practical Ways to Market your Business

marketing system webinar Aug 24, 2022

What does it mean to do marketing in a holistic way? There are multiple ways to do that, we share with you one that worked for us.


In one of our webinars, our Creative Director named Chrixy shared three points to do marketing in a holistic manner. These are efficient and practical ways we market our business.

PART 1:  Marketing in a Nutshell: Is what you are currently doing marketing?

  • What does marketing mean, why does your business need it? ..the action or business of promoting and selling products or services.
    • Does simply posting in social media mean you are already marketing?
    • Or sending out emails once a month.. Is that marketing enough
  • It’s part of it yes, but we have to look at it in a holistic manner. It doesn’t work if you only do it one way...

Let’s talk about it [David’s] Cultivate Wins way: First, look at your hats: Who should be doing what? 

  • Know Active vs Passive Marketing 
    • Door Knocking, The Magic 5, Calls & Personal Touches...
    • Giving gifts, weekly calls, hosting events...
    • Farming (Postcards, Flyers, Tarps)
    • Posts (+ engagements)
    • Emails (+ follow ups, calls)
    • Lead Generation Activities: Active
    • Printouts, Postcards, Social Media, Newsletters: Passive
  • Know the Landscape of Digital Marketing: Trends and Predictions. Let me make one thing clear: Marketing is ever changing → makes it exciting. In this alone we can schedule an hour long webinar or a course.
  • Know the Types of Media: Online and Print (Digital or Print)
    • Especially in this ‘new normal’ → Digital Marketing became a defining factor for most businesses. Businesses that didn’t learn how to market in the digital realm were extra challenged. Social Media became center of business for some, they use it to make sure the customer journey is alright, they used it as lead generating platform and form relationships in there. Audience focused content → figuring out what the target audience wants. Both in generic posts or paid ads.
    • You should make sure you update your knowledge and do your research regularly. The algorithm always changes, there are new features all the time, new platforms to try and new strategies to consider. The only thing constant in this line of work is change, you should evolve and upgrade with the trends and the digital sphere.

There are many trends “on how to market” popping up everywhere. We can't talk about them all. So, for today, we’ll focus on two that, based on my experience, a lot of RE businesses depend on:

  • Why focus on Social Media and Email Marketing? We want to add value to your business today by sharing some practical and efficient steps you need to take to utilize your digital marketing strategy.

I’m sure this had some of you excited to dive into the technical aspects of these trends.. But let me pull you back a little.

I just gave the landscape of the industry and the business as a warm up, it's a sneak peak of how crazy the world of marketing can be.

  • The thing is, no matter how knowledgeable you are or updated you are about all of these, if you miss this next part → it’s going to be incomplete, you might be setting the business up for failure.
  • We’ve heard this millions of times, I know I’ve heard David say or ask it at least once a day LOL. What is your why?


PART 2 Getting Started: Forming/Creating/Reinforcing your Brand

Brands tell your story not just your look (15 mins)

  • Before diving deep into the “how to do social media/email marketing” or what tools to use or when and where…. The first question you should be asking is the who are you & why do you need to market youHaving a Journalism background, I also go back to the 5Ws and 1H principle~ its a good formula to get you started on any brainstorming effort.
  • DIY Creating your own brand: Checklist, creating it for others or when you ask others to do it: 
  • WHO, WHY? Core foundation: your why, your story, your values, your preferences. Mission & Vision you/your team standby and believe in. If you don’t know the 5x5, you don’t know or have had the pleasure of talking to David yet. It’s like he cannot sleep if he does not mention the 5x5 in a day. It’s always part of the conversation when you talk to him. He lives and breathes it. It’s his brand → its CW brand.
  • Who you are: (Case study 5x5): Does everyone in your team know this? Start within the team before sharing it with others.
  • When do you practice this? ALWAYS. Who I am sometimes, is who I am all the time.
  • Does your team know where to find it? 5x5: 30-second-rule (where to find it)
  • NOW WHAT? Define your brand. Start with your Logo or your Mark. What is your catchphrase or tagline. Make sure this is present in all of your marketing materials Make sure you live up to it. Create your Brand Board: Understand who you are, who your audience/partner is.
    • NOTE: You need a special lesson if you only want an audit or rebrand (revamp). Asking the right questions... Auditing your Brand: 5x5 to create the questions.
  • I know all of you know this already, but it's good to just lay it down in one page. Everything you produce must be anchored to your brand. It should be strategic and must be aligned with who you are.

This is where the ‘how’ comes to play → what and where? It’s also good to differentiate the types of content you can produce..

  • Creating materials for your Brand: THE TOOLS
  • BASIC: Different kinds of content. Might be time to look at your team’s capabilities, capacities and available tools.. This is also a second part of the where → where do you market? Ideally you have a site to go back to and gather all your marketing materials (SEO sense: you should also consider the keywords you are using → consistency is key to SEO).


PART 3 What to do after?

  • Converting leads into clients: connecting with and having conversations. Touching base with your SOI. Embody the 5x5: Compassion, be very human, forming relationships, authentic. BE better, DO better.
  • Giving reviews before asking for it: Art of Getting Reviews Videos - we get because we give. “Earn the right to ask”
  • Getting referrals through forming relationships


This is a copy of the recording of our webinar Marketing 101: Efficient and Practical Ways to Market your Business with Cultivate Wins Creative Director, Chrixy Paguirigan last November 2021.

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  • This course aims to help the community learn why marketing is important in business. It tackles trends in social media and email marketing, Lay out a clear view of the current landscape and dispel myths around it. Armed with the basic knowledge on these two types of marketing, this course will present the basic tools you can use to market your business more effectively and efficiently. At the end of the course, we share bonus materials and baby steps on how to form good marketing strategies, habits and tactics.

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