Real Estate Two-Part TC101 Webinar

admin system webinar Feb 28, 2022

The goal was to have an "intimate" TC101 conversation with maybe 5-10 TC's that were fairly new to the industry, and it turned out to be close to 60 of us.


We are going to break up this video into two parts. The first part will include the first hour or so where I went through a number of areas that I had hoped would bring value to either those just looking to get started in the TC role or those that have been doing it for maybe a year or less (due to the numbers of people that showed up this obviously did not allow for a simply Q&A or open dialog... so we just went with it, and did the best we could in an hour).

.. part 1 of 2 of the TC101 Webinar: 
.. part 2 of 2 of the TC101 Webinar: 

The course TC101 - The ABC's of Becoming a Transaction Coordinator is designed for a range of people that are thinking about becoming a Transaction Coordinator (TC), to those that have recently become a Transaction Coordinator, all the way to those that have up to a full year of experience within our industry. The goal of this course is to be the most helpful and cost effective ways to learn more about this amazing and rewarding role.

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This is the Cultivate Wins Real Estate TC101 Webinar - Transaction Coordination & Management This is a recording of a webinar from February 11, 2021.

PART 1: You may watch the video here:
PART 2: You may watch the video here: 


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