The Art of Getting More Reviews

The "secret" is to create a CULTURE around GIVING reviews‼

*Note to members of The Practical...
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How do you define success?

Today's journaling topic...

How do you define success?

And how do you define failure?

Now grab your journal and try to work through a little self...
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Underlining & “HEARTING” While Reading

Underlining and “HEARTING” While Reading

Q: So what the heck is “HEARTING”?

A: Many of us are used to underlining and...

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An Active vs. Passive Reading Practice

First Question: How much does your mind wander when you read?

...and please note that you are superhuman and I am truly jealous if this in not a...

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Gratitude Journaling - All the cool kids are doing it!

Let’s dig right in and define the practice of journaling. More specifically Gratitude Journaling.

It’s simple:

  • Get out there and buy...

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